International airlines affirm firm action against unruly passengers

Doha – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) at its 70th Annual General Meeting (AGM) unanimously adopted a resolution urging governments and industry to work together against unruly passenger behaviour on board planes.

Last year the number of incidents of unruly behaviour voluntarily reported to the IATA by airlines reached some 8,000 cases. Intoxication, often resulting from alcohol already consumed before boarding, ranks high among factors linked to these incidents. Other causes include irritation with another passenger’s behaviour, frustration with rules such as smoking prohibitions or use of electronic devices or emotional triggers originating prior to flight. “Such behaviour includes committing physical assault, disturbing good order on board or failing to follow lawful crew instructions,” the IATA said in a media release issued on Monday.

Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO, said this resolution confirms the determination of airlines to defend the rights of their passengers and crew. “Everybody on board is entitled to enjoy a journey free from abusive or other unacceptable behaviour. Many airlines have trained both ground staff and cabin crew in procedures not only to manage incidents of unruly behavior but also in measures to prevent them. But a robust solution needs alignment among airlines, airports, and governments.”

The definition of unruly behaviour includes non-compliance with crew instructions, consumption of illegal narcotics, sexual harassment, and physical or verbal confrontation or threats. – Ends -

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