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Kylie's out with the old, in with the new
Puts her painful split with James behind her to date sexy French superstar Olivier
Pop icon Kylie Minogue was fuming last month after ex-boyfriend James Gooding bragged about sleeping with other women during the pair's stormy three-year relationship.

The Aussie star was devastated after James sold secrets of their private life to a newspaper and admitted that he'd had affairs with model Sophie Dahl and actress Davinia Taylor.

The revelations came just days after James was released from the Farm Park clinic in Surrey, where he sought treatment after taking a lethal cocktail of tranquilizers cocaine and whisky - which, he admits, was a 'cry for help'.

He said his despair over Kylie drove him to attempt suicide after she'd snubbed him at the Brit Awards and flirted with Justin Timberlake in a bid to boost her career.

James, 27, also accused Kylie of being a 'fame-obsessed control freak' and, in a final stab at the pop beauty, says he fears that she'll end up a lonely spinster.

But his father David Gooding, 57, said that James only has himself to blame and that he's a jack-the-lad who thinks he's God's gift to women.

Olivier mends her broken heart
So Kylie got herself a new boyfriend - and he isn't Justin Timberlake. The new man in her life is handsome, dark-haired French actor Olivier Martinez, 37, who's starring opposite Helen Mirren in steamy new film The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone.

According to a close friend, her much-publicised friendship with Justin was a convenient smoke screen to deflect attention away from Olivier.

Kylie has been secretly seeing Olivier for weeks. She first hooked up with him in LA, then the pair were pictured together in Paris last month.

'Kylie's mad about Olivier,' says her pal. 'They've been secretly dating since the middle of February. She's well aware of the interest in her love life and once she goes public with Olivier, the spotlight is going to get awfully intense because no one really knows who he is.'

According to the friend, Kylie met Olivier at a gym in LA. 'She was doing some exercises and says she looked up and there was the most gorgeous guy she'd ever seen. She asked her trainer who he was and found out that he was an actor from France. Once Kylie heard he was in the business, she became even more interested.

'Before she finished her workout, Kylie went up to him and said: "Hi" and before she could get her name out, he said: "I know who you are." She gave him her phone number and told him to call her some time. He called her the next day and they went out the day after that'.

'The Justin thing is just silly,' says her friend. 'She's like 13 years older than him. They have nothing in common other than both being pop stars. That's not a whole lot to build on. Olivier is much closer in age, he's from Europe, he's sophisticated and classy and he's a real potential long-term romance for her.'

Kylie has a penchant for Frenchmen. Four years ago she had a long relationship with French photographer Stephanie Sedanoui. Now, it seems, she's fallen for another Gallic charmer and Olivier's as crazy about her as she is about him.

Multi-faceted care from Wickramarachchi's
By Thiruni Kelegama
Mihira Wickramarachchi launched Wickramarachchi & Company as a hearing care business when he was in his teens. In parallel, he started dealing in spectacles. From one store, the company has now expanded to 11 outlets dealing in hearing care, eye care and medical instruments.

The sole representative in Sri Lanka for Danavox International, after training at Danavox, Mr. Wickramarachchi was repairing and fitting hearing aids for his clients. At that time, J. M. Wickramarachchi & Company was the only company in Sri Lanka importing and selling hearing instruments.

Wickramarachchi & Co. is a technology driven company. From designer sunglasses to contact lenses, the company has led in innovation in the field of optometry, investing heavily in state-of-the-art equipment, with all stores being equipped with modern machinery. In 1981, Mr. Wickramarachchi received a diploma in Contact Lens Fitting from Kieler Anpasa Institute of West Germany. The studies covered fitting of tailormade contact lenses for special Karato Commer fitting.

He also worked for Breur Optik of Kiel, Germany and was appointed country representative in Sri Lanka for Zeiss and Wohlk.

With contact lens dispensing it is essential to market other items of contact lens care. Mr. Wickramarachchi obtained the agency for Sri Lanka from Allergain Pharmaceutical Inc, Ireland. He has a diploma in audiology from the Stockholm University.

He is also the sole distributor and sole agent in Sri Lanka for Rion Hearing Products manufactured by Rion Trading Company of Tokyo, Japan. In this capacity, Wickramarachchi became the official supplier and technical supporter for Japan International Corporation funded projects in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Wickramarachchi has participated in a major project relating to prevention of sound pollution, involving framing official guidelines and regulations for Sri Lanka with the collaboration of the Labour Department.

To add to his many skills, he also has a degree in traditional medicine which he says has improved his outlook on health related issues. He has worked as a volunteer consultant audiologist to the Sri Lanka Army for the past 10 years.

At present, the Wickramarachchi Group reaches people in the Western Province and the Central Province. The company plans to expand its operations to the Southern Province and Wayamba in the next two years.

In addition to the thousands of walk-in customers, the company provides services to the government of Sri Lanka, SriLankan Airlines, Sri Lanka Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Bio Medical Engineering Services of the Department of Health, Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital, National Hospital, Southern University at Karapitiya, etc.

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