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'Wes Benduma': A thriller teledrama on Swarnavahini
'Wes Benduma' (The Disguised), a story of suspense, murder and humiliation is now telecast at 9.00 pm every Sunday on the prime time belt on Swarnavahini.

The Stellar cast in Wes Benduma are Palitha Silva, Duleeka Marapana, H. A. Perera, Nimanthi Porage, Cyril Dharmawardena Edward Gunawardena and Rebecca Nirmalee.

When Sampath, a finance manager in a Private Company enters to his office in the morning he finds his secretary , Kaushalya lying dead inside the office. He informs it to the Police and investigations are begun. In his evidence, it is mentioned that while he was leaving the office on the previous day, Kaushalya was attending to an urgent report on the computer. Merill, the office assistant gives his evidence that when he left the office on the previous day to attend a funeral, he asked Kaushalya to close the office after her work.

Sampath is married to Surangani who lives with her parents in their ancestral Home. Childless Surangani suspects her husband of this murder saying he is having a secret affair with his secretary.

Inspector Vidura , attached to the intelligence bureau meets Viraj, boy friend of the deceased girl. It is revealed in his statement that Kaushalya was aware of a financial misdeed committed by Sampath in his firm and that he killed her before it was revealed to the management.

According to the coroner's report, Kaushalya has been murdered by a severe blow to the back of her head. But not a single mark is found on her body. Shattered with the evidence raised against him, Sampath leaves his house and escapes to a coastal village disguised as a coast conservation officer, named Arjuna. He rents a room in a house owned by a rich fish merchant, Antony.

Mary, an old woman whose dead husband was a fisherman lives in a small house adjoining Antony's and finds her livelihood by selling fish in the town. Her only daughter Priyangani who was married to a soldier and settled in Vavuniyra returns to her mother's place with her daughter, Sevvandi after the death of her husband, killed in a bomb attack.

Sevvandi befriends Arjuna expecting a father's love she lost. This friendship leads to an attachment between Arjuna and Priyangani, He helps them financially.

From the investigations Vidura finds that Viraj is responsible for the murder of his beloved. He was taken into custody. In the meantime Vidura finds the real reason behind Sampath's disguise.

After these revealations, Sampath returns to Surangani's place. But his heart is still at the coastal village. He realizes that his help for a fatherless child and a husbandless wife is mostly needed at this hour. He writes a letter to his wife mentioning that he will commit suicide due to the happenings he faced so far and returns to the coastal village in the disguise of Arjuna forever.

Produced by Remenzy Fernando the mini play was directed by Chandraratne Mapitigama.

'Sulang Kirilli' flies high over foreign seas
By Susitha R. Fernando
"Sulang Kirilli" (The Wing Bird), Inoka Sathyangani's maiden film has won two international awards, including the OCIC award for the Best film, recently.

The film jointly won the award given by OCIC (International Catholic Bureau of Films) for the "Best Film" with " A crabe dans la tete" by Andre Turpin of Canada at the XXI International Film Festival of Cinemateca del Uruguay in Latin America. Sulang Kirilli also won the Opera Prima Award given to the 'first works' by the international jury at this festival.

The main aim of this festival is to create and maintain interest in the cinema by introducing worthwhile films to a huge audience, making a positive contribution to the art forms of film and video, and stimulating intelligent film-viewing among the general public and to promote better understanding among people and nations.

The speciality of this festival is that it was one of the institutions registered under the oldest and prestigious FIAF (The International Federation of Film Archives)which was founded in 1938 comprising more than 120 institutions in over 65 countries- a reflection of the extent to which preservation of moving image heritage had become a world wide concern.

The award on Sulang Kirilli also marks the first international recognition that a Sri Lankan directress achieved for her directorial talent.

Earlier the film represented Sri Lanka for the first time and was selected for the first 12 films at Tokyo International Film Festival in Japan.

In addition 'Sulang Kirilli' was also selected for six other festivals and it was chosen as one of the best five films in the Competitive section at the 33rd New Delhi International Film Festival.

It became the official entry at the 26th Cairo IFF in Egypt, 29th Flanders IFF in Belgium and official entry to the final competitive section at 26th Sao Paulo IFF in Brazil.

In addition it also was chosen for the final round of the official participation in "Women in the Director's Chair" section at Chicago International Film Festival- USA.

The story of the Sulang Kirilli is based on a true story of a girl who had come all the way from the village in search of a job in a garment factory.

Isolated in a complex society the story depicts the social and human problems she faces.

Linton Semage and Damitha Abeyratne play the two leading roles while Jayani Senanayake and Grace Ariyawimal are also in the cast.

The film was produced through financial aid by Film Development Fund given by the National Film Corporation.

The film is to be released in CEL circuit soon.

'Le Kiri Kandulu' is now on at CEL
By Sanath Weerasuriya
New film 'Le Kiri Kandulu' (Blood and Tears)' from Udayakantha Warnasuriya is the latest movie to hit the screen during month of May.

'Le Kiri Kandulu' is now on at CEL Circuit and at the Regal Colombo.

This is Udaykantha's eighth film 'Gini Avi Saha Gini Keli', 'Bahuboothayo', 'Rajya Sevaya Pinisai', 'Rosa Wasanthe', are some of the popular movies by the director.

The cast includes Tony Ranasinghe, Nilmini Tennakoon, Sanath Gunatilake, Sriyani Amerasena, Nisansala Jayatunge, Buddhika Jayaratne and Palitha Perera.

The storyline, screenplay and the direction is by Udayakantha, himself. The film is edited by Stanley de Alwis and director of photography is Jayantha Gunawardena.

Popular singer Sangeeth Wickremasinghe directs the music in this film. This is hid debut direction in a film. The lyrics of the songs Sunil Wimalaweera and the voice rendered by Amarasiri Peiris.

'Le Kiri Kandulu' storyline is based on a true life story and it is as follows...........

Jayananda is about sixty years of age and is employed as an Executive in a Private Company. Jayananda and his wife Netalie live with their married daughter, her husband and two children and enjoy a very happy, carefree life. One night when he was driving along with his wife, through his negligence, his vehicle collides with another vehicle.

The occupants of the other car were a young couple Upendra and Veena. Veena was carrying a full-term baby close to giving birth when the accident happened and due to the accident she gives birth to a still-born child.

Upendra and Veena who were eagerly anticipating the birth of a child for several years were devastated. Their anger against Jayananda, whose negligence deprived them of a lively bouncing, baby, who would have so enriched their lives within three to four days was boundless.

They looked upon him as a murderer and Jayananda himself who was extremely fond of children suffered in agony at the terrible outcome of an accident for which he was responsible.

The film is produced by Dilman Jayaratne, Ranjit Jayasuriya and Janitha Marasinghe.

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