Sprint queen Susie does not want to join ANTFA
By M. Shamil Amit
The newly formed Association of National Track and Field Athletes (ANTFA) seems to be running on the wrong track was the comment given by sprint queen Susanthika Jayasinghe when she was asked by The Sunday Times as to why she was not a member of the ANTFA. When she was told that the President of ANTFA had informed her in March, she totally denied saying she was not informed of the forming of this association at any stage.

She also said if a association of this nature is being formed all past athletes who had brought honour to our country should have also been included. She refrained from naming anyone, 'we know who they are' said Susanthika. The Cricketers Association are governed by past cricketers who are helping the present, whether in the national team or at club level.

Speaking to The Sunday Times she asked what was the hurry to form the said association. They could have consulted the past athletes too and they should have been the governing members not the present athletes.

I am not blaming my colleagues Damayanthie Darsha, Sugath Tilekeratne or Sriyani Kulawansa and I don't want to have anymore unwanted problems with these athletes, they are my good friends today and I want to be like that in the future too and my aim is also to improve the standard of athletics in Sri Lanka.

She further said that about two years ago when she brought the idea of forming an association, Talavou Alailima who is heading the newly formed association had told there was no necessity of forming an association for the athletes. I dont understand what made him to do that now, without consulting many more athletes who should have been informed.

Another aspect she mentioned was the criteria in anyone gaining membership to the ANTFA. She says its unfair to include only the top three athletes as members, she asked 'where are the up and coming athletes going from here? Won't they get dejected? In short she said she is totally against this move, with so many benefits being given to athletes we can do this in a more professional way. When asked whether she will join ANTFA if invited she said I don't want to go against my conscience and the reply was negative.

Peace Games for all races today
By Bernie Wijesekera
Mass sports could bring about reconciliation among all races. In its wake it could bring about understanding and build a permanent bridge for peace and harmony. This was revealed at a media briefing for the first Peace Games to be staged today (Sunday) at the Sugathadasa Stadium - by the Executive Director of the Lotteries Board, Mohan Wijesinghe at a media briefing held at the Maharaja Organisation Auditorium.

This inaugural venture sponsored by the Lotteries Board in collaboration with MTV/Maharaja Broadcasting Corporation. Its wings will be spread far and wide later. It's a reawakening project sans barriers. All participants will be rewarded with medals, said Dr. S. Priyantha, Public Relations Executive MBC networks.

The first Peace Games will be worked off on a tight schedule, will commence at 2 p.m. There will be 20 disciplines with two popular team events - football (7-a-side). Four top teams will take part - Renown, Jupiter SC, Blue Star and Java Lane. Netball. Hatton National Bank will take top billing.

Assistant Director of Sports Dervin Perera (reputed athletics coach) outlined the track events. The first eight finalists at the last nationals are eligible to participate. The girls and boys (Under-19) 4 x 100M relays. All track and field events will be straight finals. But the cynosure will be the Mini Marathon (Under-21 for boys and girls). It will be a Road Race 10KM (boys)from the Stadium to Wattala and back.

While for the girls it will be 5KM race. The Road Race (youth) will be mass participation (drawn from all parts of the country). It's not going to be sweet and sour.

In the end all are winners said, Dervin. Cash awards to the winners and medals will be presented. Later the Games will be taken to the districts, confining to rural athletes (the less privileged).

It will help to unearth hidden talent, Perera said. We hope to find more Wimaladasas and Susanthika Jayasinghes, for the future.

The day's proceedings will wind up with the girls and boys relays at 6.30 p.m.

The others who attended the confab were Shiran Manukulasuriya (Director), Lakmini Amerasekera (Marketing), Priyantha Wijesinghe (Director - Promotions/ Operations) - all from MBC. It will be televised on the MTV Channel.

The events: Kabaddi (men and women), Pole Vault, High Jump, Long Jump, 400M Hurdles, Long Jump (men), 400M (women), 800M (men and women), 200M (men and women), 1500M (men and women), Kabaddi (finals starting at 4.50 p.m. 400M (men and women), 5000M (men), Footbal (final 5.30 p.m.), 100M (men and women).The main athletes who are expected participate are Susanthika Jayasinghe, Damayanthi Darsha, Sriyani Kulawansa., Sugath Thilekeratne, Rohan Pradeep and Chinthaka Soysa.

7th National Sports Festival for the Disabled
Powerlifting records tumble
It was a record tumbling day when eight new national records were established in the Power Lifting event with Sandun Wasana Perera of the Nylander SC being adjudged the best lifter and unfancied D. Sumanasiri of the Light Infantry SC overcoming the favourites K.P.D.A. Nishantha of SL Light Infantry SC and W.A.S.C. Wanasinghe to win the cycle championship which was the fourth and fifth events held at the 7th National Sports Festival for the Disabled 2003. While the sixth event which was the Wheelchair Marathon saw the favourites in both the men's and women's category winning the race.

In the Powerlifting event which was held at the Rasanga Hall in Ja-Ela Sandun Wasana Perera of Nylander SC was the toast of the day when he set a new national record in the 48kg weight category lifting a record 145kg. This was also the second heaviest lift in all categories and he rewarded by being adjudged the best lifter of the championships. The next national record to be set was by D.J.P. Fernando of the Gemunu SC with a 95kg lift in the 60kg weight category. This was followed by the heaviest lift in all categories when E.A.H. Soysa of Commando SC lifting 155kg in the 67.5 weight category.Other records to be established were in the 75kg weight category by U.G. Jayalath of the Commando SC with a lift 110kgs. 82.5kg weight category by R.M. Ratnayake of the Commando SC with a lift of 115kgs. 90kg weight category by Capt. B.P.A.P. Thilakeratne of the Commando SC with a lift of 125kgs. 100kg weight category by W.J.A. Fernando of the Vijayabahu SC with a lift of 115kgs. 100kg weight category by S.B. Maduruwa of SL Light Infantry with a lift of 102.5kgs.

At the cycling championship which was held in Chilaw D. Sumanasiri of SL Light Infantry SC triumphed over fancied riders K.P.D.A. Nishantha also of SL Light Infantry and W.A.S.C. Wanasinghe of the Gemunu SC to win the gold medal. Sumanasiri was taking part in only his second National Sports Festival for the Disabled while Nishantha and Wanasinghe were both top rated cyclists who had won medals in the Far East South Pacific Games held in Busan, Korea recently.

As anticipated Jayatilleka Banda of the Special Forces SC and K.G. Bandara Menike of SIA SC, Ragama won the 21.5 km wheelchair marathon which was held at Mahawewa. The wheelchair marathon which commenced at 11.00 a.m. took off from Mahawewa and it took the route passing Madampe and Galahitiyawa junction and back. Four of the wheelchair participants Jayatilleke Banda, Bandara Menike, Thusitha Mahindasiri and Sanath Sisira Kumara had participated in international events in Korea and Japan.

Wheelchair Marathon Results: Men's - 1. Jayatilleke Banda (Special Forces SC). 2. K.L. Thusitha Mahindasiri (SIA SC). 3. Sanath Sisira Kumara (SIA SC). Women's - 1. K.G. Bandara Menike (SIA SC). 2. Niroshani Kumari Siriwardena (Rehab Lanka SC). 3. Niluka Seneviratne (Thalawa Disabled Women's SC).

Meanwhile Gajaba Regiment SC with 35 points won the Badminton Championships which was the seventh event of the Sports Festival held on Thursday at S. Thomas' College Mt Lavinia. In second place was SL Light Infantry SC with 30 points and Commando Regiment SC in third place. There are four more events remaining to be conducted which is scheduled to be completed by the end of August.

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