'Pancha maha piliveth' replaces SWRD's balavegaya
My Dear SWRD,
I thought I must write to you to find out how you are since many believe that your were turning in your Samadhi because of the recent events in Paradise. It is unlikely that you would be very happy with the Blues aligning with the Reds and hijacking your "pancha maha balavegaya" slogan, in a very arrogant manner. But of course, being the shrewd politician that you were, you may also realise that Satellite resorted to this only to try and take a short cut to power-just like you did forty eight years ago!

But then, SWRD, some would argue that you are unhappy about this turn of events because it could lead to the eventual death of the party you so painstakingly built. And when this is done by your own offspring, it must hurt you even more.

But, SWRD, there must surely be some silver lining in our dark political sky. The Reds who once tried to overthrow your Dearly Beloved through the bullet appear to have finally said goodbye to violence as a means of achieving their ends. Given the fact that they nearly succeeded in overthrowing democratically elected governments not once but twice, this must surely be a blessing in disguise.

Even then, SWRD, you must be wondering what would happen to the economy if this alliance comes to power. We know that Satellite promised us 'capitalism with a human face' and became even more capitalist than the Greens. How she could now manage with Reds wanting to close the economy is left to be seen but knowing her, she could take over any portfolio, couldn't she?

On the other hand, what worries everyone is the fate of the so-called 'peace' process. We know that despite all the hot air that she blows, Satellite will be only too willing to talk to Prabha if he agrees but we cannot say the same for Tilvin and Wee Wee.

But then, solving the national question was never high on the agenda of our politicians when it comes to an opportunity to grab power by whatever means. You should know a thing or two about these matters, SWRD, because some say that you too made the same mistake in '56.

I am sure, SWRD, you would feel sorry for the other partners of the PA who are now reduced to mere spectators within the Blue and Red brigade. But of course, alliances are meant to be broken just as much as they are meant to be formed, isn't it?

Do you, SWRD, wonder what would become of your youngest offspring at the end of all this, while Satellite busies herself with trying to stay in power for some more time? As for me, I think he is not far off from seeing the day when he would be at the beck and call of Tilvin and Wee Wee who will be singing 'punchi bando, punchi bando, seenuwa gahanawa, negitinko....'. What do you think of that, SWRD?

Yours truly,
Punchi Putha.

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