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‘Alli and Galli’: Hilarious tale on Swarnavahini
“Elee and Gelee” is an entertaining teleserial woven around a number of funny characters. The Eighteen-episode miniplay is an every Sunday at 7 pm on Swarnavahini channel.

The two main actors in the play, Elee and Gelee are two young men living in a rented room without a fixed source of income. The room they have rented is owned by Aunty Josephine. The two young men live with the hope of making their fortunes by selling the elixir of youth.

Professor Mood is trying to concoct and his experiments are conducted in Mr. Belli’s house. The peaceful Professor Mood gets on well with Mr. Belli but Mrs Belli is a different kettle of fish and is always at loggerheads with him.

Their son Romeo is the only person who considers the Professor with some degree of balance. Romeo wants to be a poet and he does not want to do any job. Mrs. Belli gives tuition to a young girl by the name of Lovely, who lives in the same neighbourhood. ‘Lovely’ spends most of her time primping before the mirror. She secretly swallows one of Professor Mood’s concoctions and grows two long canines as a result. Romeo volunteers to get her out of the crisis.

The village shopkeeper and his orphaned assistant Bakirimukis who also drives his three-wheeler hold all these characters together. Bakirimuris is everyone’s crying towel.

All these characters have their own planned destinies. The encounters they have make the story. Wijeratne Warakagoda, Rodney Warnakula, Ravindra Yasas, Sunil Hettiarachchi, Upali Silva, Ellen Silvester, Shiromi Priyadarashani and Sunil Pathirana comprise the cast. Scripted by Wajira Kasthuriaratchi, Nihal Bandara directed K. M. Danapala production.


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