Funday Times

  • Valagamba is king again
    Rev. Maha-Tissa left the commanders to talk to Rev. Tissa. the commanders were engaged in a short discussion. After a while they arrived at a decision to join King Valagamba. So they went to Rev. Maha-Tissa and said, “Reverend Sir, we’ve decided to forget the unfortunate events of the past and rally round King Valagamba once more”. Rev. Maha-Tissa was overjoyed.
  • The exquisite wood carvings at Embekke
    The invasion by Magha in the 13th century and the atrocities inflicted on the people during the 21-year old rule, left the Sinhala kingdom in disarray. This is how the Mahavamsa describes Magha’s reign:
  • People of our country
    When you do a study of the people of a country, many areas have to be considered. The composition of the population of the country, ethnic and religious differences, urban and rural factor, male and female composition and even the age factor have to be studied.

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