JVP wants fuel subsidy for less privileged
The JVP has proposed granting a fuel subsidy to low and middle-income earners as well as the public transport sector in a bid to ease the burden on the public as a result of escalating oil prices.

In a three page letter to President Chandrika Kumaratunga, JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva said the grant of such a subsidy to the deserving segment of the population will help ease some of the burdens imposed on them by the escalating oil prices in the world market.

It also said a programme to educate people on how to manage the use of fuel without waste needs to be initiated and that the ruling party must start by setting an example in this direction. The party has also said that urgent steps must be taken to use and promote alternative sources of energy as other steps adopted to overcome the oil crisis caused by the escalating world oil prices can only be a temporary solution to the crisis.

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