In good times and bad he was always there
Harindra Liyanage
Harindra passed away in London on June 11, at the comparatively young age of 57 years. He was my closest friend at S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia (STC) and thereafter for the past 40 years. He always called me "Dompe", which was my nickname.

At college (STC), he was a unique character, who earned the name “Kukula” at a tender age, through no fault of his. At that time in the early 1960s the well-known science master Mr. Anandanayagam held a science exhibition at STC. Harin as his studious favourite produced his collection of skulls, including that of a cock bird. This, I know, was from a buried kukula in his backyard.

During the Royal Thomian Match in the 1960s there was great fun thanks to Harin, who was a major organizer of the grand STC procession to the "Oval". Harin covered all the details for the occasion. In fact it was a culture of sorts for the "big mudalalis" at that time, to contribute towards the STC procession to the Oval. Harin had only to glare with his big eyes - and they immediately provided a substantial contribution!

By 1964, Harin's late mother - a senior and well respected teacher at Ladies' College, decided to migrate to Britain. I was at their house when Harin's mother declared - I am migrating because of "putha". Within the family Harin was lovingly known as putha. This "putha" finally became a well-known management accountant in London. Thereafter the sky was the limit for Harin and he lived in Britain till 1983.

Most of us knew that he did a stint in Sri Lanka in the 1980s, with the companies of Neil Marine et al. In 1985 liquor was prohibited at the Royal Thomian, but Harin had other plans. He carried a long PVC walking stick filled with his favourite brew, along with a bag of emergency medical bottles, also filled. He was immediately cleared by the security, who thought he was a patient.

Harin, decided to get back to UK, where he excelled in financial management. Thereafter he went into "real estate" in London, and finally in Rumania. Harin doted on his three children. Both his elder sisters Anoja and Geetha cared for him, in good times and in bad because of Harin's caring and compassionate nature.

When he was doing well in Britain he never forgot his past, and his old friends. He was particular about their welfare. When poor people approached him, he gave generously. I believe that Harin lived his life in his own style, without any regrets, because each day of his life had to be meaningful, as he told me. Although not a cricketer he played an innings for STC like a good batsman, with a few sixes in his stride.

Harin was cremated in London with his family in attendance. I was only able to place some roses in his coffin from here.

Priyalal Dias

How can I forget such love and affection?
Rajeswary Rajakarier
"To live in the hearts of those who love
Is surely not to die"
When I count my blessings one of them is having had Rajes as a dear friend, since our medical student days starting in 1946. It is said, to make a new friend everyday is easy but to have a friend of over 50 years is an achievement. Our friendship spans a period of 59 years.

Dr. Rajeswary Rajakarier retired as Consultant Paediatrician, Lady Ridgeway Hospital. During this period she was popular with her little patients and their parents, and with the hospital staff.

She was a triple Fellow having been awarded the Fellowship of three prestigious Colleges. She was elected President of the Ceylon College of Paediatricians in the mid-1970s. She was co-editor of the Journal of the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians for several years.

Her late husband Raja Rajakarier and she were members of several associations including the Rotary and the Sri Lanka Japan Friendship Association.

She had an extensive paediatric practice which included the highest in the land and the poorest of the poor. She was large hearted to such an extent that she had space for anyone who cared to be her friend.

Her greatest pride was in her brilliant son Ravi who is a practising physician in London specializing in Nephrology.

Despite all these achievements and honours she remained a loyal, faithful and caring friend to all of us. We did not need to seek her help. She was always there for us. She had her moments of pain and bitter sorrow. I was beside her when she lost her beloved father and later when she lost her dearly loved husband.

She bore all these with courage and fortitude. As for me the personal loss cannot be measured. When I lost Ernie my husband, I never thought I could survive, but I was amazed by the strength and comfort I received from God our Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour and the Holy Spirit our guide and counsellor. Next my children and their families were a tremendous support and reason to live for. Then came Rajes and Raja who simply seemed to take over my life as it were. They brought me back into circulation - they reminded me of coming events and invitations and I never had to ask - their car was always there to pick and drop me. How can I forget such love and affection?

From the time I came to know her she had an unshakeable faith in God.
After her brain haemorrhage she was in a coma in the ICU not giving us a chance to do anything for her. To sum her up, she was an exceptionally wonderful person.
Farewell dear friend.
May you be at peace in the everlasting embrace of God our Father.


Loving you always, forgetting you never
Mary Pushpam Samuel
It's been a year since you left us
But you are remembered every passing day
Tears in silence often flow
Sadly missed along life's way
Your presence we miss

Your memory we treasure
Loving you always
Forgetting you never
As you were, you will always be
The memories we continue to cherish
We were blessed to have had you in our lives
Though our hearts are laden with grief, it will never be the same since we lost you
You are ever loved, ever remembered and ever missed beyond all words

May your soul rest in peace
As you have entered
God's eternal home

Rohan Samuel and Rohini Ravindrakumar

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