London bombing: Lankan missing
From Neville de Silva in London
A Sri Lankan woman was reported missing and another youth from Jaffna was injured in London terrorist attacks which killed some 50 people. About 30 people are reported missing and more than 700 people were injured in the four blasts on Thursday.

The Sri Lankan missing woman was identified as Sajanuja Varathsangaree, 26, a University student, hailing from Jaffna. The youth, Praveen Vijeyendran, a 22-year-old university student, has been admitted to the St. Thomas Hospital after he was injured in the explosion at the Liverpool tube station. He has been living in London for 10 years with his family who are from Arali, Jaffna.

The Sri Lankan High Commission in London has been on alert since London’s biggest-ever terrorist attack in the event that Sri Lankans were among the casualties. Police authorities said that at least another 20 bodies may be in a tunnel more than 100 feet below street level and believe the death toll could rise considerably when rescue workers reach the spot.

The High Commission had received several telephone calls from Sri Lanka inquiring about relatives and friends, Deputy High Commissioner Sudantha Ganegama Aratchi told The Sunday Times.

The British public has remained quietly defiant despite the terrorists striking in four separate locations during the morning rush hour. Though many offices remained closed on Friday mainly because the underground tube service was not functioning, there were still others who went to London by other public transport in a show of defiance to prove they will not be cowed or change their way of life. Britain could never forget last week. It was in the middle of celebrating London’s successful bid to stage the 2012 Olympic Games when terrorists struck turning triumph into horror.

While the British authorities believe the attack had all the hallmarks of an al Qaeda operation, British Muslims condemned the atrocity at their Friday prayers and threw in their lot with other communities who have denounced the bombings.

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