UNP appreciates Kadir’s bi-partisanship in foreign policy
The main Opposition UNP yesterday condemned the assassination of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar saying it was a devastating blow to the ceasefire agreement.

The statement said:
“The perpetrators of this criminal act have not been identified as yet and the investigation is still on. It is necessary that the investigation be concluded speedily and the perpetrators brought to justice.

“Security sources have already gone on record saying the LTTE is responsible for the killing. Mr. Kadirgamar has been long identified as being under LTTE threat. Unless the perpetrators are quickly identified it will have a serious impact on the already fragile Ceasefire Agreement. The threat on Mr. Kadirgamar’s life has demanded the highest level of security for him since the mid 1990s. The UNP in its government of 2years gave priority to accord protection to Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar even to the extent of declaring that any act affecting his physical security would be dealt with as a grave security lapse.

“Even after the UPFA government was formed, the threat on Mr. Kadirgamar’s life continued. Recently there was also a strong perception among a section hostile to the government that he was sympathetic towards the Karuna Group. Irrespective of the truth or otherwise of this perception, there was an urgent need to strengthen his security. It is obvious that this has not happened and the serious lapse by his security enabled the sniper to kill Mr. Kadirgamar.
“A further lapse of security was seen last night, when VVIPs were allowed to visit the National Hospital without securing the premises. Unfortunately, our VIP security system is not geared to protect the lives of dignitaries. The authorities keep blaming the assassins whenever they fail their task of protecting the lives of VIPs

“Mr. Kadirgamar was a man of many facets and excelled in many fields- studies, sports, and law. He was an expert on Intellectual Property Law and his contribution in this field was recognised in many countries. He held high office in the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Geneva.

“As a politician he made a valuable contribution to the nation at a crucial time and his loss cannot be replaced. Lakshman Kadirgamar had many close friends in the UNP and was widely respected for his integrity and commitment to the country’s development and unity. The UNP appreciates his efforts to achieve bi-partisanship in foreign policy. Although he was a strong critic of the manner in which the ceasefire was being implemented, he was for peace and stood for the resolution of our national problem through political negations. He was responsible for bringing in the Norwegian Government as facilitators and initiating the dialogue on the ceasefire which enabled the UNP Government to continue what he started, using the services of the same facilitators, to achieve the ceasefire.

“The UNP therefore while acknowledging that this murder is a blow to the ceasefire, trusts that a negotiated peace which is so vital for our people will be ensured by the government, the ceasefire maintained and all steps taken to prevent a return to war. “The UNP joins the President and the Government in sharing the deep sense of grief the people of Sri Lanka feel at this tragic loss of a leader of great achievement and promise. “The party conveys its deepest condolence to Mrs.Kadirgamar and children at this time of personal sorrow.”

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