Kadirgamar: Lanka’s defence against extreme forces
The BCIS in a condolence statement said: “The council of management of the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies views with horror and anguish the assassination of its chairman, Lakshman Kadirgamar. Many of us had worked with him in the past had grown up to appreciate his tremendous commitment, energy and enthusiasm. The opportunity of working with him in the council over the last three years has further sharpened our awareness and appreciation of the qualities that made him such an outstanding intellectual and political figure.

“He brought to this position, as to all his work, a tremendous professionalism which has enabled the BCIS once more to establish itself as an intellectual centre of standing. At the same time he brought to this commitment the human values that have allowed this country once more to raise its head internationally.

“Our sense of loss therefore is all the more deeper and we shall miss immeasurably the sheer joy as well as the sense of achievement we received from our work together.

“In extending our deepest sympathies to Mrs. Kadirgamar, we also condemn vehemently the brutality of the perpetrators of this deed. We have long believed that Mr.Kadirgamar’s principles and his personality were one of the strongest defences this country had against the extreme forces working against a just pluralistic solution to the dilemmas of the Sri Lankan nation.
We hope that his death will not facilitate their agenda, and that his colleagues in politics will be spurred by this tragic event to work for the goals and principles he so admirably promoted”.

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