We lost a friend, the country a patriot: JVP
In a message of condolence on the death of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, the JVP urged the people to emulate him in their day to day life.
“A true son of Sri Lanka has fallen. The LTTE bullet aimed at Lakshman Kadirgamar was a bullet aimed at all those who reject racism and believe in democracy and human rights.

It is a temporary victory for a blood-thirsty fascist hiding in the Wanni who has modelled himself after Hitler. This horrific crime instead of cowing us, strengthens the will of the people to resist dictatorship, and fight for true equality, multi-culturalism and multi-ethnicity.

Kadirgamar was a decent man without the guile, the double-speak and the political treachery of the average Sri Lanka politicians. The JVP and he came from different histories and backgrounds. But we developed a strong bond based on his decency and love of the country.

Born as a Tamil he was at ease with all in Sri Lanka, except with those who believe in racial hatred. It is no secret that as the UPFA government was formed, we in the JVP wanted him to have very high office. In the many meetings with him, our assessment of him as a decent man continued to grow.
We of the JVP have lost a friend; the country has lost a true patriot.Friend and patriot, you died as you lived. You died for our common ideals. Your death however will not be in vain.

As we mourn your death, we double our resoluteness in fighting for the honest values you stood for. Our resolve not to hand this country to one of the worst criminals in the world grows stronger. Others may scrape and bow before his crime, but not us. We believe that it is better to die fighting for common humanity than to live like a coward.

Our determination to tell all our people - Tamil Muslim and Sinhalese - not to bow down to a dictator and a deranged megalomaniac calling himself the Sun God, now grows stronger. We ask our countrymen to be like Lakshman Kadirgamar, straightforward, upright and decent,” the statement said.

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