A beacon of inspiration, he supported the Muslim cause: SLMC
The late Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar was a towering personality who steadfastly and boldly stood for what he believed and was one of the few politicians who commanded respect of people from all walks of life as a statesman, a rarity in today’s local politics, says Sri Lanka Muslim Congress in a condolence message.

It said: “Born a Tamil his ascendance in politics as the Foreign Affairs Minister of the country and also at one point a possible candidate for premiership, all purely on merit, will definitely serve as a beacon of inspiration for the minority politicians in the country.

“The late Minister Kadirgamar has throughout his political career been a sympathizer and also a strong supporter of the Muslim cause. “It is with a great sense of gratitude the SLMC recollects the brilliant speech he made at the adjournment debate on a separate Muslim delegation in October 2003, urging the parties to the conflict and the international community to give up the discriminatory practices on Muslims.”

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