Bacchus in classrooms
Thousands of policemen and military personnel were detailed for duty during Nomination Day on Friday, October 7. Most of them were housed at the President’s College at Rajagiriya the previous night and the school was closed for that day. When students and teachers returned after the weekend what they found in the classrooms was not a pleasant sight. In each classroom there were 10 to 15 empty bottles of arrack and the first thing the students and teachers had to do before resuming classes was to collect the bottles and put them away.

Media savvy
Opposition leader and Presidential candidate Ranil Wickremesinghe held a press conference last Thursday.
Winding up the briefing, Mr.Wickremesinghe said he would meet with the press again before election day. When some scribes urged him to hold press briefings more often, the Opposition leader quipped, “Parakramababu did not have any press conferences.” Obviously the modern day Parakramabahus are more media savvy.

Big clash soon
After the 2004 general election, 20 political appointees had been brought into various positions in the Rupavahini Corporation on a casual basis. With the upcoming elections, the Director General of the Corporation is apparently trying to make them permanent employees when the normal procedure is for casual employees having to wait five years before being made permanent.

Over these issues, all the trade unions at the Corporation have threatened to go on strike and cripple work there. But the DG too seems determined to stick to his guns and so do the TUs. Hence there is likely to be a big clash there soon.

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