Highway shock as road collapses
Nearly 40 passengers in a bus narrowly escaped when a main road in Maradana caved in yesterday, police said. The breakdown of T. B. Jayah Mawatha (old Darley Road) left a huge hole and the bus fell into it.

The passengers escaped but the bus was badly damaged. An official of the Colombo Muncipal Council said he was not aware of the reasons for the collapse of this main road near the Maradana junction but pointed out there was a sewerage pipe under the road.

A shocked bus driver, S.N. Katheswaran, said he saw the road giving way in front of him but he put the bus into full gear and took other emergency measures to save the passengers.

The police and CMC workers immediately barricaded the area around the damaged road and warned people to stay away as there could be more damage to the road, which was recently reconstructed.

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