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‘Christmas, a season of goodwill and celebrations’
By Susitha R. Fernando
People have different ideas about celebrating Christmas. Having a good time merry making and the extravagances of shopping, dining and wining throughout the festive season and extending it to the coming year or sharing the joy of the birth of Christ , a gift from God, exchanging gifts, in short spending it reverently with the pride of joy shared.

This is what some of the top notch of the local showbiz personalities have to say whe they get connected to TV Times last week.

Dr. Lester James Peiris Filmmaker
The birth of Christ is fundamentally (that the God we believe in came to this world) the message of Christmas.

This should be kept in mind in everything we do this season. Christians believe that Christmas is the coming of God into this world as the redeemer of mankind. This is the essence of Christmas. This is a time of joy. Joy shared with goodwill among the needy. It is not just sending a card or merrymaking only. It is a feeling of empathy, giving glory to God and peace to all men of goodwill.

Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne writer and filmmaker
The essence of Christmas lies in the famous verses of late Rev. Fr. Marcelline Jayakody, ‘Mage Naththala Dugiya Bathkana Daya…’ (The Christmas for me is the day that the hungry are fed). I see this emphasis more than ever now. And it is a time to pay honour to a great religious leader, who sacrificed his life for whole mankind. This is the base of the Christian literature too.

Nalin Perera - singer (Marians)
This year we have decided not to take any concert or shows on Christmas day. Our group is a mix of Christians and Buddhists yet all volunteered to donate our income during the festive season to the Tsunami victims and the needy.

Tony Ranasinghe - Actor
As a Christian, Christmas is a day of significance which should be celebrated with reverence and joy. It is not only dressing well and having a ball. We must learn to preserve the sanctity of the event. It is sharing the message of Christ which is peace on earth to all men which brings in unity in brotherhood. Christmas has a message for all time and it is relevant to today as it was twenty centuries ago.

Somaweera Senanayake - writer
Christmas I consider as a celebration that several communities can be celebrate. It is a celebration common to a large number of Tamils as well as Sinhalese thus it is a celebration despite racial differences.

On the other hand we see that there is a new culture that has emerged making Christmas a common celebration. And it is also time of peace and unity just like the Sinhala New Year. If we can celebrate Christmas also just like Sinhala New Year it will be an important festival for whole Sri Lanka.

Kanchana Mendis - Actress
Today Christmas has lost its meaning in our consumeristic society.
It is relevant to go back to the first Christmas and share our joy with the Tsunami affected and needy with our prayers and or gifts. Christmas means to me more than new clothes and merrymaking. It means preparing for the second coming of Christ as well as commemorating the first. Going to church and spiritual preparation take first place in my agenda.

Nita Fernando - Actress
Christmas is a time of peace to all men of goodwill. This year we have a new President and a new government. Let us hope our leader will seek and welcome a lasting peace. Celebrating Christmas for me starts on December 17, the octave before Christmas where I share the joy of Christmas with the less fortunate in memory of my dear husband. Christmas for me is a family celebration.

Malani Fonseka - Actress
Though I am not a Christian from our childhood I saw Christmas as a time of joy and happiness. While Christians celebrated it devotedly we too experienced great enjoyment during this time. We also see that not only people but the environment with a cool climate has enhanced the great feeling among the people.

However we cannot advocate the unnecessary extravagances. If we can share our happiness with the needy Christmas will be a great occasion for all of us.


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