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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 33
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Political Column
  Referendum possibilities floated
  By Our Political Editor
Whoever said there are no permanent friends in politics but only permanent interests seemed dead right. Such an axiom has always remained apt in Sri Lanka. Yesterday's friends are turning out to be today's arch enemy. In turn, the arch enemy is turning to be the bosom buddies.
5th Column
  Working towards the slogan of an Aluth Sri Lankaavak
  By Rypvanwinkle
"Thaaththa", Bindu Udagedera asked, "who is our President?"
Situation Report
  LTTE strengthens its striking power
  By Iqbal Athas

Never before have members of the public countrywide been forced to personally feel the impact. This is the direct result of bombs that exploded inside buses. The one in Nittambuwa on January 5 left six dead and more than 50 injured. The other in Godagama in Hikkaduwa on January 6 left 15 killed and over 40 wounded.

The Economic Analysis
  Increasing tax revenue vital for fiscal consolidation
  By the Economist

There can be no doubt that income taxation has always remained low. Although there has been a slight increase in recent years, direct taxation has been inadequate.

Thoughts form London
  Diaspora has its say and the minister slips away
  By Neville de Silva
  That was the great escape. If I borrow the title of a book based on a war time story it is because it truly encapsulates the manner in which Enterprise Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama wriggled out from a head on meeting with a group of Sri Lankans in London.
Issue of the week
  Bush rushing to stop Iran
  By Ameen Izzadeen
  President George W. Bush had a warning for Syria and Iran when he addressed the American people on Wednesday. He accused Iran and Syria of allowing use of their territory for terrorists and insurgents to move in and out of Iraq and vowed without elaborating that "we will interrupt the flow of support from Syria and Iran."
Focus on Rights
  Assessing Sri Lanka's presidential commission of inquiry
  By Kishali Pinto Jayawardena

In a three part series commencing this week, this column will examine in detail the mandate and nature of the eight member Presidential Commission of Inquiry, (the Commission), established by the Government of Sri Lanka in 2006 in order to probe into fifteen selected incidents of assassinations, extra judicial killings and disappearances.

  Agreeing on need to end violence, disagreeing on how
  By Chandani Kirinde, Our Lobby Correspondent
  Amidst speculation that several UNP MPs are waiting in the wings to join the government, Parliament met for the first time this year on Tuesday but much of what was discussed left little room for optimism that this year would be any different from the preceding one.
Inside the glass house
  The rebellion against the war president gathers momentum
  By Thalif Deen at the united nations
  NEW YORK - When the American electorate rejected most of the ruling party Republicans vying for Congressional seats last November, it sent a clear message to the Bush administration: the continued war in Iraq is turning out to be a monumental disaster to the United States.
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