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Sunday January 13, 2008
Vol. 42 - No 33

Over coming those failed resolutions

By The Scribe

Ahh…for that memorable time of revisiting failed New Year resolutions of the year gone by…how nostalgic… To think, a whole year has flown past without us even noticing. Once again we try to make a sincere effort to re-attempt our unfulfilled resolutions of last year, adding a dozen or so more new ones to the list, whilst we're at it of course!

Why do we insist on making these resolutions year in and year out, when at the back of our minds, we're almost certain we won't even get past the first day without succumbing to our usual way of life? Is it because we get some sort of solace from knowing (even if it is for a matter of hours), that we're made some sort of resolve to better ourselves or do we just enjoy fooling ourselves?

I for one, have taken great pride in the past, in making superfluous amounts of resolutions, which have for reasons mostly within my control, not seen the light of the second of January. To limit (if not eliminate) my regular usage of profanity, being the most frequently attempted resolve that never was! However, I know better than to pursue a lost cause (at least now I do), so, that particular resolution has been put to a very peaceful rest! I've now taken up a more pressing, dire and timely issue; losing weight! I'm a few kilo's away from 'Kankles' for crying out loud! A slight exaggeration perhaps but still…if now is not a wake up call, I don't know when will be!

Now I must say I've gone about things much more efficiently and comprehensively than most of my previous resolves. I've done my research well! I've spoken to a number of former 'horizontally challenged' persons, who have now successfully brought themselves down to a near 'perfect' size (of course the perfect size differs from person to person) but, at least they're a whole lot closer to my idea of a perfect size than I am. I've been given numerous instructions - daily workout schedules/routines to put into practice, basic meal patterns to follow (big breakfast, medium lunch and light dinner before 8 p.m.,), avoid excessive consumption of sweets, carbs and fatty foods blah, blah, blah… 13 days into the new year and I've managed to carry out a total number of 3 workout sessions and not adhered to ANY of the food related advice! Do I sense an all too familiar pattern forming? Sigh…I think so!

Not even halfway down the first month of the new year and I already see the tell-tale signs of yet another failed resolution…sigh…Why must all my resolutions be so fickle…frivolous even? Why not come up with a whole new perspective on new-year resolutions?

Maybe changing my personal viewpoint on my Tamil/Sinhala neighbour, or taking a little time out of my busy schedule every week to go spend the day with my grandparents, or make it a point to share my day's happenings with my parents even if I'm exhausted and not in the mood to socialize, or just give my spouse/child a hug for no particular reason except for showing them how much they mean to me or simpler yet, overcome one fear I have everyday - be it a fear of change, other people, confrontation, justice…getting over our fears can only amount to making us bigger and better people!

Too difficult? No way. We, who can expend oodles of time, effort and money on exercise machines, dieticians, non-fat products, personal trainers and the works…find it hard to do something as simple and uncomplicated as gaining a little perspective on things? Hogwash…for people such as us, this should be a piece of cake! Think of it, you don't have to spend a cent, it's not very time-consuming or tedious (depending on whether or not you resist the long overdue change of course) and by the end of the day, you'll be all brand new! It's a win-win situation, if only we were to see it that way.

So, who really cares if you have a love handle or two (or three or four…), what if you swear like a sailor at sea or chatter away incessantly? I'd pick being a tad-chubby free spirit, over a 'size six' conformist any day!

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