Voices from Land of No Return rumble on
Those who once charted the destinies in Paradise Isle were gathered in the Land of No Return, discussing the latest developments in their homeland...

"All this fuss is about nothing really...," Solomon said, "they should allow Satellite to govern as she wants because she is the boss, no matter what..."

"That's not quite correct..." Junius argued, "she has already lost her mandate to the greens..."

"Of course not," Solomon said, "and anyway, you yourself stayed on long after you lost your mandate..."

"Not really," Junius said, "I had a mandate for twelve years; it was the House which lacked a clear mandate for a second term..."

"But now," RP joined in, "the House appears to lack a mandate for anything because of what Satellite is doing..."

"Why is that?" Colvin queried.

"Why," RP said, "Satellite is threatening to sack ministers and even dissolve the House, just because the greens have a majority..."

"Now, isn't that ironic?" Solomon asked.

"Why is that?" Lalith wanted to know.

"Why, Satellite is doing all these under a constitution devised by Junius here who thought that with it, the greens could go on forever and ever..."

"I certainly wanted the greens to go on and on..." Junius agreed, "but then I also thought it was a better system of government where more parties would have been represented..."

"I have to agree with my old friend," Colvin said, "because if not for this system none of our 'sahodarayas' would be in the House today..."

"And that includes the revolutionary young chaps as well..." Gamini observed.

"But they don't seem to be grateful..." RP said, "they seem keen to kick the greens out even if they have to work with Satellite in the process..."

"As I see it, Junius," Solomon said, " your nephew's days are numbered..."

"How can you say that?" Junius queried.

"Why, come the fifth of December, Satellite can dissolve the House and I see no reason why she shouldn't when all you greens are after her, probing everything from cars to handbags..."

"But, Solomon," Lalith interrupted, " hasn't all of our governments probed the previous government? It seems almost like a tradition..."

"But there's a difference this time," Solomon said, "and that is they are probing Satellite who is still their boss..."

"So, what do you think will happen?" Colvin wanted to know.

"There will of course be elections," Solomon said, "though who will win is anybody's guess..."

"Why, do you say that?" RP wanted to know.

"Why, as I know only too well, the blues will be fighting among themselves when elections are announced. After all, some of them will rather see the greens return to power than handing over the leadership outside the family..."

"But don't be so sure of elections being called..." Junius cautioned.

"Why not?", Solomon asked, "after all Satellite is only using your constitution you tailored to meet your needs..."

"Ah, but there are a few safeguards for my nephew as well..." Junius said.

"What can he do? " Solomon demanded.

"Why, he can submit a motion of impeachment and for that he needs only a simple majority..." Junius explained.

"And, Solomon," RP advised, "don't for a moment think that the Speaker will reject the motion this time around..."

Even Lalith and Gamini agreed with that.

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