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Glitter of Devdas
Glitter of Devdas

Sunday, August 18, 2002

CBK departs: political crisis deepens
President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga made an unannounced exit from Sri Lanka yesterday ruling out any hope of a mutually-agreed co-habitation plan with the UNF Government.

A brand new BMW purchased through the vehicle permit issued to Tamil Congress MP A. Vinayagamoorthy is believed to have been sent to the Wanni for the use of the LTTE leadership.

Bishops express concern over CBK's delay
Catholic bishops have expressed concern over the delay on the part of President Chandrika Kumaratunga to appoint John Amaratunga as the minister of Christian Affairs though he had been nominated for the post three weeks ago by the Prime Minister.

Gazette on Sept 2 to lift LTTE ban
The proscription on the LTTE will be lifted by a Gazette notification due to be issued on on September 2, authoritative sources said yesterday.

Interim council not against constitution, says PM
Hardly 72 hours after the LTTE agreed to come for peace talks with the Sri Lankan government for the fourth time, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe declared that the setting up of an interim administration for the northern and eastern provinces will not be against the constitution.

JVP accused of disruption
An alleged attempt by a group of JVP-affiliated trade unionists to commandeer armoured vehicles of a private company used to transport cash is being investigated by the police.

TNA wants Tigers for local elections
The Tamil National Alliance is demanding fresh nominations for local government elections for the northern and eastern provinces in an apparent move to accommodate some LTTE cadres in the nomination lists.

The Rainbow appears in Jaffna
The LTTE last week published its first Sinhala newspaper 'Dedunna' (rainbow) in Jaffna in what it said was a move to keep the Sinhala people who visit the North informed about LTTE activities.

Uniformed Tiger guerilla cadres were debarred within the precincts of the Madhu church during the feast. Though it ended this week, vast crowds of devotees still pour into the Madhu shrine. Tiger guerilla cadres donned Scout uniforms to beat the ban. Two of them are seen here at the church. Pic by J.Weerasekera.


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