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The Rainbow appears in Jaffna
The LTTE last week published its first Sinhala newspaper 'Dedunna' (rainbow) in Jaffna in what it said was a move to keep the Sinhala people who visit the North informed about LTTE activities.

The first edition was sold yesterday to pilgrims who attended the Madhu festival . The paper is priced at Rs. 12. The paper which is to be published monthly has the peace talks as its editorial with the headline ' Be bold to bring about peace'. There is a news story on the Iranathivu incident where the LTTE explains its position.

There is also a news feature on the opening of the A-9 road, titled 'End of Silence' which states 'The A-9 is opened , you have been shut out from what happened in the North. Now you are able to see for yourself and compare the reality with what you have been told'.

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