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My beloved
Life is a mixture of pain and pleasure. It is full of joy and laughter, worries and disappointment. In my life there are several days that still haunt me. The day you met me is an exception.

I will remember that day. Can you remember the first day we met? I know you could never forget. I was really excited at the main hall and you came and asked me "What is your name?" At that moment I never thought that you would get this close to me. How did it all happen? You taught me everything. I felt that you were more than a friend to me. You promised me that you would never leave me. And you told me that you loved me so much. For two years you were with me. You shared more joy and sorrow with me than anyone else.

I do not have unrealistic hopes. I never build castles in the sky. But I miss you so much. Every single word you spoke is embedded in my mind. I know that you will never break your promise. Until now you never lied to me. I know you truly love me and need me. That's why I agreed to stay with you.

A friend is a person who you can always rely on to be there for you. Someone who is unique and who always manages to brighten up your day no matter what you are feeling.

It is true that everybody has friends but what most people fail to realize is that they lack true friends and also that they themselves are not true friends. The value of friendship is at times not realized by many people until they lose a friend. Today the true meaning of the word 'friend' is lost. Today a friend is just someone you hang out with so that the world you live in will be more fun. But no one expects this same person who was there with you to abandon you the minute you are faced with hardship and trouble.

It will always be the true friend who will always be there for you and offer a shoulder to cry on, to support you through your bad times and also who will stand by you no matter what. People don't realize that to make a true friend it takes a lot of trust and love among other things.

A month ago I realized certain things that resulted in me being hurt very badly. I realized that I was one of those people who lacked a true friend. Because of this I have given up all hope. When my friend left me in my time of trouble, not only did I lose a friend but I also felt as if she took away a part of me with her. I still remember the day when she wasn't there for me. This was the day she broke the bond of friendship we both shared.

One day a week ago I came across someone. This person saw something in me that nobody, not even I saw. This person brought back the light. And once again I saw hope. I will never forget this special person in my life. I will never forget this person who made me who I am today.

I only wish that this friend would not abandon me like the one before. I now understand that true friends are hard to come by and I also realize that I was also in the wrong before, as I tended to take my friends for granted. I realize that friendships that are broken and all the other bad things, which come your way, are blessings in disguise. I now understand the value of true friendship.

Dressing to please ourselves
I sometimes wish I were a man. No one would be likely to care two hoots as to what I wear, how I present myself or even how I talk. Women in this country are harassed whatever they wear. There is no way whatsoever that we as women can wear what we please and not be the butt of ridicule.

If men's hormone levels hit a high thanks to the way we dress it is specifically their problem. It should not mean that they have the liberty to whistle and scream like drunk musicians.

We dress to please ourselves, not others!
A Disgruntled Eve

Election fever
Everyone seems to be talking about the political instability experienced during the last couple of days. With this comes the news that we will face a general election in the coming months.

Both the Government and the Opposition seem to enjoy threatening each other. One party would say that if their demands are not met they would call for an election. What annoys me is the fact that these so called "patriotic, democratic politicians" are actually ignoring the needs of the voter and clamouring for power to fill their pockets.

Any sane person would know that the COL has skyrocketed and it is a battle for the survival of the fittest. We don't need an election to re-elect the MPs so that they can fill their stomachs with expensive food and then flex their muscles in Parliament. A senior minister went on record saying that they are very confident of winning the election and this time around they will get more seats in Parliament, while admitting that an election is not what they need but that they had no choice. Excuse me, we voters should be given more credit.

It is a shame that these power hungry politicians will go to any length to gain power at any cost.

Remember the disabled
For the last few months, we Sri Lankans have been experiencing a certain sense of freedom after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Government and the LTTE.

We rarely hear ambulances screeching down Galle Road in the middle of the night or during the rush hour traffic. Newspapers no longer splash devastating pictures of a bomb blast. All these are signs that peace is slowly being restored.

The other day, the vehicle I was travelling in had to stop at a pedestrian crossing for a good ten minutes. I think all the passengers were very patient. A long queue of young men, some without legs, eyes and hands, clad in striped sarongs and shirts were crossing the road. They were soldiers who were disabled due to the war. I have always been very sensitive and feel a little guilty whenever I see a disabled soldier. It's difficult to explain but I feel that we have never really given them their due. Seeing these young men, I wondered whether they too experience the so called peace. I feel that the disabled soldiers have been totally neglected with this new era of peace. We cannot and have no right to forget them. Just as millions are spent on rehabilitation work in the north, the needs of the soldiers should be given top priority. We rarely see donations being made to either the Army hospital or families of these soldiers. It's time to make a change. After all we were able to achieve peace this far not because of our publicity hungry politicians but these young heroes.

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