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Sins of a father causes problems
By Susitha R. Fernando
"Awindu Andura" mini-film based on the novel written by winner of D. R. Wijewardena award Sarath Wijesuriya will be telecast every Friday at 8.30 on ITN from August 23.

Sriyantha Mendis & Indrajith Navinna in a scene from teledrama "Awindu Andura"

Directed by Sudath Rohana the telefilm unfolds the story of the downfall of leaders in the traditional villages in 1940s while highlighting certain human weaknesses that led to the destruction of men and their women after falling prey to the discrimination.

"Arachchi Gedara" is the only tile roofed house in the remote village of Batadombagahawatte and it is headed by 'Loku Arachchi Ralahami'. 'Arachchi' as everyone called him was a father of two grown up children-a boy and a girl. It was no secret to the villagers that Arachchi was carrying on with two mistresses in this hamlet. But everything begins to change when one day Arachchi's dead body is found in a corner of the village. Soon after the mysterious murder of Arachchi one of the legitimate husbands of his two mistresses disappears. It is only the two servants of 'Arachchi Gedara', one 'Gabonis' an idiot and 'Marthinu' a cunning and dangerous man who know anything about the sudden death and the disappearance.

Even though 'Podi Ralahamy', the only son of Arachchi unanimously becomes the head of the place with his father's death the young man refuses it. Instead he finds a job in the Kachcheri in Kandy and soon he becomes a success in his job. But hereditary weaknesses pass on and Arachchi's son becomes no different to his father. Podi Ralahamy becomes addicted to liquor and just like his father he carries on with several women. His own sister becomes prey to one of his friends who regularly visits "Arachchi Gedara" and is seduced. Even though these could have been swept under the carpet previously it was not possible now with the father no more. Caught up in the rapid changes the country was going through little 'Batadombagahawatte' and its people could not resist the forces of change.

However with the intervention of an elderly relation of the family, Podi Ralahamy is proposed to a beautiful bride from a traditional family and he gets into wedlock. Having married a beautiful girl Podi Ralahamy does not stop his earlier escapades. When the goes back to her parents for her first confinement Podi Ralahamy then starts another illegal liaison with a maiden in the house.

Even after the return of the legal wife with a child born to him, Podi Ralahamy continues with his affair. And it was the wife of Podi Ralahamy who had to pay the price of her husband's indiscretion.

In the major cast of "Awindu Andura" are Palitha Silva, Indrajith Navinna, Sriyantha Mendis, Somalatha Subasinghe, Trilicia Gunawardena and Damitha Abeyratne.

Camera is handled by Andrew Jayamanne and is edited by Daya Punchihewa. Art director is Welegedara Ranasinghe. To the music direction of Rohana Weerasinghe Amarasiri Peiris has done the playback singing. Awindu Andura has been scripted, produced and directed by Sudath Rohana.

'Desperado' meets the 'Tomb Raider'
By Harinda Vidanage.
Movie'Original Sin' brings two hot stars of Hollywood reputed more for their acting in action movies 'Angelina Jolie' and 'Antoni Banderas' find themselves fighting a different kind of lusty but treacherous battle.

There's an old-fashioned dose of sexual obsession here, a little like "Vertigo." Actually "Sin" is based on the Cornell Woolrich novel "Waltz into Darkness," previously filmed by Francois Truffaut in 1969 as "Mississippi Mermaid." Truffaut's version, set in contemporary times, starred Jean-Paul Belmondo and Catherine Deneuve, cannily using her gorgeous, vaguely amoral coolness as a key to the movie's dry, existential folie à deux. With "Sin," writer-director Michael Cristofer (Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of "The Shadow Box") goes instead for a muted opulence. Setting the tale in the 19th century.

The woman is the beautiful Angelina Jolie (Gia, Tomb Raider) in a role that allows her to reveal a new complexity to film audiences. Jolie plays Julia Russell, a woman of such commanding sexual confidence and so many entrancing secrets, men can't help but be driven to distraction. The sexy Antonio Banderas (Desperado, The 13th Warrior) as Luis Vargas, a handsome Cuban businessman. Pragmatic and wealthy, he already has almost everything he could want. The only thing he doesn't have? A wife.

Luis had wanted to marry without the complications of love - he knows an American bride will be the perfect status symbol and accessory to complement his life, and he meets Julia through correspondence. When Julia arrives in Cuba, however, everything he thought he wanted changes. Soon, all he wants is to possess her. She draws him into a realm of emotion and eroticism unlike any he's ever known, and he falls deeply in love.

From the beginning, however, Julia isn't much like the person she claimed to be in her letters. The photograph she sent was fake. Her stories are made up. There are unexplained scars on her back, lingering nightmares in her sleep, and a trunk she refuses to unlatch.

Then Luis is approached by Walter Downs (Thomas Jane), a private investigator with devastating news about Julia. Downs reveals that Julia might be a murderer and thief Luis doesn't believe it, but then Julia disappears without a trace - with Luis's money.

In a rage and out for revenge, Luis embarks on a spiraling odyssey into Julia's world, uncovering her troubled past, her tanglings with a former lover, and, most shockingly, her ability to shut out her feelings and follow her most primal instincts for survival. Overwhelming obsession leads to a shocking climax, and Luis and Julia are forced to suffer the consequences.

'Jungle' at Regal
"Jungle" the latest Hindi film to hit the Bollywood, will be released at the Regal Cinema in Colombo for limited engagement from August 20.
Its a joint venture by Bharat Shah, producer of 'Devadas' and Ram Gopal Varma, the director of 'Rangeela'. The film is presented by Cinema Entertainment (Pvt.) Limited.

Playing the lead roles are Fardeen Khan, Urmila Matondkar, Sunil Shetty and Sushant Singh and depicts four different characters.

Durga Narayan Chaudhary is the most ruthless killer law enforcement agencies of the country have ever known. Living deep in the jungle, he rules its dark vastness stretching across the borders of three states. Spine-chilling in his reputation for violence, the legend of his awesome cunning is written in blood. From a modest beginning in sandalwood smuggling and ivory poaching he is now the dreaded master of death.

Sidhu, the charming boy next door is hopelessly in love with Ann. His only problem till yesterday was whether her father would agree to their marriage, but the problem today is that she had been kidnapped by the dreaded dacoit Durga. Knowing that his beloved is among savages somewhere in the jungle and when the police had thrown up their hands and openly admitted that there is nothing that could be done, what can an ordinary guy who never held a weapon do?

Shiv Raj, the daredevil Task Force Commander pitted against an inhuman beast like Durga, is understandably at a loss.

Ann who lived in lap of luxury is little prepared for the trauma in the jungle but she is caught in the claustrophobic stranglehold under the cover of monstrous trees that do not let in even a ray of sunlight.


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