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Sirasa re-launches new path
After a period of ten years, Sirasa radio re-launched its agenda from January 17. In March 2, 1994 Sirasa launched its new venture FM developing a new radio culture where the static “listener” was motivated to be an active “fan”. This was really an innovative technique. For the last decade Sirasa FM has grown and developed in Sri Lanka to be a well-known household name familiar to the young and old.

Now Sirasa FM is ready to step ahead creating a new tradition and integrating a new culture in the electronic media. This is a clear challenge it has to face to conquer and it had risen adequately to fit the occasion.

It is understood music plays a vital role in rousing man’s basic instinct and this may result in reaction which commit atrocities, abominable crimes or degrading acts.

Instead of aggravating the diseased minds with such genres of music there should be music that soothe the minds, and Sirasa FM has decided to be the medium that welcomes and promotes such music. Sirasa FM has been conducting studies on listeners’ preferences and also the effect of psychological impacts of music on listeners effectively from 8am Suriya Sirasa, (the talk show) to Pinibara Yamaya (Morning Glory with blessings for the day) at 4 am.

For this progressive venture young actor Sahan Ranwela, Gaminda Priyawiraj and Suneth Chithrananda have joined the Sirasa FM.


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