Like a toon

They’re cute, huggable and sometimes adorably nasty. They are your favourite cartoon characters, and you may have a few things in common with them (oh yes). Smriti Daniel helps you find out which one you are

Stepping into a cartoon is the best thing that could happen to you on a bad day. That’s why we love them – I mean, you have all these crappy, everyday things happening to characters, but they aren’t all bogged down by reality, as you and I are. Instead, they fall off buildings and bounce back, they throw pies in each others faces when they get mad, they hang out on exotic Caribbean islands or wallow on the ocean floor, they fly, they swim, and they throttle sharks with one hand. In fact, they get away with the most extraordinary things – all while having a whale of a time. If you really look at it, it makes life more bearable to believe that we all have some of that infectious madness in us. It also helps to know, beyond a doubt, that the good guys really do win in the end.

So in celebration of all things loony, dear reader, you are hereby invited to take the “Which Cartoon Character Are You?” quiz and join our party.

1. You have a tough time shopping for clothes because,
a) You don’t wear pants – something the sales assistants simply will not take into consideration when you want to buy a sailor suit
b) They have such a limited range of collars these days, and you can never find a colour that a hundred dogs aren’t wearing already
c) As far as you are concerned, grey and white are the new black, and you just can’t improve on what you were born with
d) Your preferred shade of neon yellow is hard to find, and even harder to mix ‘n’ match.

2. If you could choose your ideal home, you would live,
a) In a little cage, high above the ground, forever safe from evil pussy ‘tats’
b) In a hole in the ground, with multiple entrances, safety exits and an endless stock of carrots
c) In your eccentric owner’s van. It not only comes equipped with all kinds of cool gadgetry, its great transport from one haunted house to the next
d) In a little home in an idyllic community, with three nephews, one girl friend and an argumentative neighbour for entertainment.

3. It took you a day to recover from,
a) A bad case of carrot poisoning
b) Almost being swallowed alive by a supposedly housebroken feline monster – again
c) Being attacked by a ghoul, a ghost and a ghastly monster in quick succession
d) A week of polishing your rich, miserly uncle’s hoard of gold coins.

4. When someone starts taking pot shots at you with a machine gun,
a) You leap on the person nearest to you, close your eyes and quake in terror, effectively doing all you can to hamper their getaway
b) Find that the bullets have got you, and soon all the water that you just drank begins to spray out in the most convincing and pathetic manner
c) Arrange it so that the barrel is quickly twisted – thereby taking out the shooter. Boom indeed!
d) Scream for your friendly neighbourhood bulldog and your granny – in that order.

5. On occasion, you have been heard saying,
a) “Eh, (carrot chewing sounds)... what's up, doc?”
b) “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!”, “I did, I did taw a puddy tat!”
c) “Hie, toots!”
d) “Scooby-Dooby-Doo-oo-oo!!”

6. After you fall off a cliff, you,
a) Walk a few steps in midair until that one crucial moment when you look down, up, down, and up again – suddenly realising that you're defying all laws of logic and physics, upon which you then drop like a rock. The spot where you land is now marked by a crater in your exact shape
b) Take flight, and flap frantically and ineffectually, before making it to a safe spot. In your wake, a trail of yellow feathers flutter in the wind
c) Turn your carrot into a parachute and land safely, while the poor hunter behind you crashes to earth
d) Cling desperately to the edge and bellow for help. Your friends, reliable as ever, are bound to come to your rescue.

7. Something most people don’t know about you is that,
a) Your best friend’s name is actually Norville Rogers
b) Mel Blanc (the guy who used to do your voice, when you had a sore throat) was allergic to carrots
c) That in your debut performances, you were pink, featherless and rather ugly (The feathers were added to protect your modesty)
d) Your middle name is “Faunterloy”

8. Your love life,
a) Has improved considerably, since you started wearing seductive women’s clothing
b) Is virtually non-existent; Saving the City from Certain Doom leaves you with little time for sharing bones and sniffing attractive rear ends
c) Since you’re a guy and nobody actually knows this, you haven’t even gotten off the ground, so to speak. Also being squeaky-voiced, midget-sized and yellow does little or nothing for your chances
d) Is limited to a certain alluring young Daisy – but you’re not complaining.
Now take a look at the table below, and compare your answers. Find out whether you have more BBs, TBs, SDs or DDs. Once you have a fair idea of the answer, refer our analysis section to find out the terrible truth about you. Brace yourself, and remember – honesty above all!

Scoring table

1. a)DD b) SD c) BB d) TB

2. a) TB b) BB c) SD d) DD

3. a) BB b) TB c) SD d) DD

4. a) SD b) DD c) BB d) TB

5. a) BB b) TB c) DD d) SD

6. a) DD b) TB c) BB d) SD

7. a) SD b) BB c) TB d) DD

8. a) BB b) SD c) TB d) DD


Truth time

Mostly BBs: You are Bugs Bunny
You’re the great original. Witty, quick on your feet and amusing, you’re great fun to be with. You’re even very friendly when you choose to be (which is often). But it doesn’t pay to be on your bad side! (As your ‘enemies’ will gladly testify to). Once on the warpath, you allow your cruel streak full rein. You’re not afraid to experiment, and you’ve had more than your quota of partying. That said, you still value the rules your mother taught you. Be careful not to let people egg you into doing things you’ll regret.

Mostly TBs: You are Tweety Bird
Because you don’t look like much, people tend to underestimate you. That this is a mistake soon becomes quite clear to them. However, most people of your acquaintance adore you. You’re the sort of best friend that people never, ever want to lose. This might be because you never hurt feelings, and seldom have your own feelings hurt. You have a sort of appealing innocence, but you’re not a fool. You’re a pretty good judge of character, and can always spot a ‘pussy tat’ a mile away. But such creatures can be quite cunning, so it pays to be careful all the time.

Mostly DDs: You’re Donald Duck
Your temper is infamous, and you are known to pick a fight at the drop of a hat. Despite being a calm sort of fellow, for most part, any conflict will reduce you to a squawking, enraged blur of feathers in a matter of seconds. Family means a big deal to you, and you will bend over backwards to be of assistance. You’re an expert in detecting very small details, and very few people credit you with much skill or sense. You are, in fact, quite on the ball. There are some quirks – quite paradoxical – in your nature, and you don’t always see them. However, those around you do. This only makes them love you more.

Mostly SDs: You are Scooby Doo
You’re rather naïve, and of course you would be the last to admit it. You’re also incredibly lucky. Something always happens to extricate you from the most terrible situations. However, when pushed into a corner or when you see your friends in danger, you’re always moved to be brave and courageous. You’re great at making lasting friendships, mostly because you’re very lovable. You like your food, and it’s always a priority, exercise on the other hand seldom is. You bond best with those who are a lot like you, preferring simple, uncomplicated companionship, when you can get it. You would enjoy a life more ordinary, but since you don’t seem to have much choice, you’ve become quite good at working with what you have.



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