Learning leadership through moves on the board

By Isuri Kaviratne

The dice fell once. The button moved forward accordingly. The game starts on the blue lane and goes on to the pink, green and white lanes, ending with ‘Ditte’ coronation. But for the coronation, the player has to collect ten royal qualities (Dasa Raja Dharma) that are mentioned on the way to the crown. This is the theory, the ‘Ditte, Folks’ Reality Board Game is based on.

“Most of the TV channels sell religion these days. But people find it difficult to practise it. So, I have put the knowledge into a context, and my context is a game. Thus, I have converted knowledge into applied knowledge,” said Dimuthu Calyaneratne, the creator of the game.

The first quality that has to be collected in the game is ‘Aviroditha’, which means non-conflict. But in the Buddhist theory of Dasa Raja Dharma, Aviroditha is the quality mentioned last. The other qualities are mentioned before it. “True,” Mr. Calyaneratne added, “the first quality is Dana (gifting). But in this context, it didn’t fit as the first quality. I had to maintain the game environmentally parallel with the qualities. So I made the necessary changes.”
The theory of Dasa Raja Dharma is used in the game in a practical way that allows children of all religions to play it. “I put the national flag on the front of the board, not the Buddhist flag, so that everyone can take it home without any hesitation,” Mr. Calyaneratne said.

The game is presented as an activity pack. The board has to be opened on three sides and the dice and the buttons have to be made and coloured by the player. “When children find it difficult, parents can get involved. That’s why I put the age limit from 8-108,” Mr. Calyaneratne said. “This game will have different meanings to different people. For some, this may simply be a game, and some others may feel that there is something more, whereas people like teachers may find it an educational tool.”

Mr. Calyaneratne has used his experience as a member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). He is the only Sri Lankan member. He said that though people talk about video games and computer games, no one pays attention to board games, which can easily address the domestic environment. “I want to start a Sri Lankan chapter for IGDA,” he added.

Rev. Kirama Wimalajothi Thera, Director of the Buddhist Cultural Centre at Dehiwala, in his endorsement of the game, writes, “This game is a good strategy in cultivating good leadership attitudes that go parallel with religions.”
“This game is like the triple injection to develop antibodies in attitudes. I have received calls and mail. It proves that it has a demand. I want to make it a national game,” Mr. Calyaneratne added determinedly.

This game is available at Sarasavi, Vijitha Yapa and Gunasena bookshops as an introductory product. You could also get it to your doorstep by sending a Rs. 100 money order to Dimuthu Calyaneratne, No. 36/4, Sujatha Avenue, Kalubowila, Dehiwala.


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