A comedy of errors at an ODI

By Marlon Fernandopulle

Billy Doctrove

Believe it or not, it happened at a one day International, yes the 2nd ODI between West Indies and India witnessed an incident that you will never see even at a village cricket match.

Irfan Pathan commences a fresh over and was bowling to Ramanesh Sarwan. The batsman pushed the ball towards square leg and set off for a quick single. Suresh Raina rushes in from mid wicket, collects the ball and has a direct hit at the stumps at the strikers end. It’s a very close call! Raina and the rest of the Indian fielders turn towards square leg and appeal to the umpire. But there is no umpire in the picture. West Indian umpire Billy Doctrove who was to be standing at square leg is busy behind the boundary ropes moving some hoardings close to the sight screen. The Indians can’t believe it! The batsman remains confused and the spectators are amused!

Luckily for the umpires and the Indians TV replays show that the batsman had just made his ground. Finally the head umpire Asad Rauff signals dead ball. A comedy of errors you will never see again!

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