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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 33

Friend for all seasons

By Ishani Ranasinghe

They say that it's a tough world out there for girls…and they all need some people to look out for them. Maybe it is true, maybe it's not. One thing I know is that everyone needs someone looking out for them, but more than that, there is a group of people we all need in our life. The people who add colour and excitement to your life, the ones we go to when we are having a crisis and when we need to get out of a fix…basically the group of people who would make your life that much more exciting and easy to live.

This week we look at 10 kinds of people every girl needs in their life… and boys, next week it will be your turn.

1. We all need a best friend…
This is the friend who you have known for so long that you can't even remember how far back it was. She knows all your juicy secrets, all your ex-crushes, all your problems and all your embarrassing moments. She has been a part of so much of your life that she knows you enough to blackmail you. But being the true friend she is, she wouldn't dare. She is the one, whenever you have a problem or when you're depressed, you would just take your phone and call. Trust me; it's nice to have a friend like this in your life. She would know the right kind of advice to give you because she knows so much about you.


2. Shopping buddy...
Ah…one kind of friend that's great to have. A friend who was born to shop…and the best news for her is that she is shopping with you. She doesn't mind spending hours aimlessly walking in and out of the stores looking for things to buy. The best thing about this kind of friend is that she not only helps you find the right kind of outfit at the store, but she also finds you some of the best discounts. This is the friend who will help you decide whether to buy that new skirt you just saw in the store or not. She will give her your honest opinion about the stuff you are about to buy. If it doesn't look right she will not let you buy it no matter what. The best bit about your shopping buddy is, she will never be tired of shopping and will be all out for it no matter what time of the day it is.


3. A guy friend…
Every girl needs a platonic guy friend. Yes, he will probably never replace your girl friends and the gossip session you have with them, but trust me it's nice to have a guy as a friend. He will be the one you could go to when you need a guys perspective of things, who will get you out of some of the fixes you get into, your car-trouble-sort-out buddy and even the guy who you can use to keep other guys away from you. If you need to get out of the house late at night, or just go for coffee or need to be picked up from someplace you really don't want to be…he is the one person who can help you with it. The best bit is you can have loads of fun just having him as a friend because sometimes when hanging out it rocks to have a guy around as well.

4. Someone that keeps you grounded…
You got to admit, that sometimes we do tend go a bit far into space…head filled with dreams, expectations and plans that are a tad bit far fetched, or sometimes way beyond reach. You tend to at times go into this little world of yours where no one can really reach you, contact you or even get through to you. A world where you get away with being stuck up, snobbish and putting people down.

Somewhere you’d think there was no consequence to what you do and you get everything you want exactly the way you want it… or you think. So it's nice to have a friend who will drag you back to reality, who tells you to stop dreaming and keeps you grounded and not flying away to a far away place.

5. Fitness buddy…
We all need some exercise in our life, be it to loose weight, put on weight, or just stay fit. But sometimes getting fit alone can be boring and tiresome. Having a fitness buddy sure helps to make it better. This is the friend who is somewhat a fitness freak that she motivates you to get fit or even drags you to the gym kicking and screaming. Having her around sure helps you to lead a healthier life and makes getting fit more fun.

6. Mentor friend…
We all have people we look up to, idolise or want to be like someday… someone who is kind of a role model in our life. Along with all these people, it's also nice to have a friend who is feisty and a go-getter kind of person. Who encourages you and lends a wonderful perspective to things. She will be the person who would give you advice on your career, studies, what you want to do with your life and pretty much have the answers for you or help you find them. She will also be the one pushing more than the rest of your friends and encouraging you to go a step further than you think you could.

7. The person you go crazy with…
This is one person who will be your partner in crime in all your crazy schemes. When you are thinking of some insane idea or up to some mischievous thing or the other, she won't be the one stopping you; instead she will be the one joining you and coming up with ways to do it better. This person is certainly going to add some spice and colour to your life and also be the cause of some minor heart attacks because of all the trouble you might get into or narrowly escape. But having her around means your life will never be boring.

8. A hairstylist that knows your hair…
When you are a girl, one person you really need in your life is a hairstylist. A person you can completely trust with your hair and who knows your hair well, and most importantly knows what they are doing. This is the person who gets it when you say you just need a trim and doesn't just chop your hair off or leave you with a desire to hide in your room not wanting to go out into the society once they are done cutting your hair. Having a trusted hairstylist helps you to get useful tips about your hair and how to keep it healthy and make it look good at home. They would share with you easy-to-do-at-home ways to make your hair look fabulous and would know what kind of style suits you best.

9. Fashion advisor…
Ah… this is the kind of person every girl needs to know. A fashion guru who helps you sort out the styles. She will be the person who will help you figure out what kind of clothes would suit you and what you shouldn't attempt wearing. This would definitely be the person you would call when you are having trouble deciding what to wear for some outing you have to go. She will help you mix and match your clothes, accessorise and even have her own set of suggestion… it will be like having your own personal stylist…which can be pretty awesome.


10. Friend who tells you all the gossip…
What's life without gossip right? And gossip is best when it's shared… so having someone to share it with is just brilliant. Having someone to gossip with also means you get to know all that's happening around you, which you would have missed, hence you wouldn't feel left out.

This is also the friend who helps you find out all the dirty secrets about the people you hate… not that you would use it against them. But come on admit it, knowing something about someone you hate is a bit therapeutic.

It helps you hate that person less or gives you ammunition when you are discussing that person with your friend. But you must also make sure that this friend doesn't turn around and gossip about you… so having a friend who is going to gossip with you and not gossip about you, is special.

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