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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 33

Liberate the East and let the people live in peace

Refugees from Vakarai who have entered the government controlled areas are facing a lot of problems, such as food shortages, lack of clothing, medicines and other essential items.

The government should not let down these people because even though they are Tamils they are also citizens of Sri Lanka. They have entered the government -controlled areas from the LTTE areas with much hope whereas the LTTE used them as shields for their survival in the East.

Now the government has captured two thirds of Vakarai from the LTTE.Only another third of the Vakarai area is to be captured. The government with the help of the Karuna group should capture this area soon and resettle these people to avoid a humanitarian crisis in the East.

If the government brings the whole of the East under its full control and eliminates the LTTE in the East it will be a great victory for the Rajapaksa government and the Karuna group. Only then will Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese be able to live in peace and harmony in the East in the future. Since Karuna is a son of that soil he could win a future election in the East with the support of his people.

The Vakarai Tigers should be confined to the Wanni only. In future they should not be allowed to enter the East to rule over them again. Because of the foolish act of the Wanni leaders thousands of Tamils in the East have perished in the name of the freedom struggle.

Prabhakaran has sent his children to London to continue their higher studies and to live in luxury from the money collected from his people but he wants the children from poor families in the East to join his movement to fight for a separate state. What logic is this? One set of rules for his family and another set of rules for his people.

By T. Ramanathan, Colombo 6

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