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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 33

Does no one care about the garbage,water-clogged drains?

Moratuwa is a most neglected and filthy town. Almost every lane and road is covered with stinking garbage and thrown away food in plastic bags. Roads are broken or full of potholes.

Apart from the damage and wear and tear of vehicles, it is a driving hazard! The non-collection of garbage on a regular basis is frustrating.

The lanes are never swept and the drains too are clogged with garbage as they are hardly ever cleaned. Most junctions are breeding places for stray dogs who may be rabid and are a danger to human beings.

Due to water-clogged drains and the rotting garbage there are flies and mosquitoes causing a rise in dengue, viral fever and chikungunya cases in most households.

All this seem to be of no concern to the urban council authorities, although it causes distress and inconvenience to the ratepayers. Nobody apparently cares even to grant the basic facilities to the ratepayers.

By A disappointed voter

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