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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 33

A world that’s both inter-connected and individual

The world according to Asif: A photographic odyssey

Perspective is indeed a strange and marvellous thing; the thought that you and I could be looking at the same object, from the same place, but seeing two strikingly different pictures is a searing portrait of our character, outlook and sense of inner balance.
The concept of beauty on the other hand is an even stranger phenomenon.

Although universally available to all, true beauty is a shy and elusive creature that is hidden beneath the folds of great perspective. Therefore the concept of photographic art is in itself a struggle, a battle to search beyond the universally accepted confines of our social environments and employ a unique perspective in bottling the beauty of a moment.

It is easy to notice the beauty in the setting sun or the glistening moonlight, the flowing rivers or of colourful events, beauty such as these are free gifts, available to anyone.

That in mind, the first thing that is striking about Asif’s photography is a search beyond the veiled, a quest to capture moments such as the worried glances of a gypsy wandering through the desert, the late night streets of Madrid bathed in the afterglow of a night’s festivities or even the colourful gondolas dressed in Venetian garb framed against an eternal landscape.

Asif’s portfolio of imagery is a clear amalgamation of his twin passions of travel and photography, stunning reflections of a world that is at once interconnected and individual. Asif’s debut exhibition and sale of his work will be on at the Barefoot Gallery on January 20 and 21.

His work can also be viewed online at

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