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Sunday, February 18, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 38

She lived for her family and village

Marjorie Kodippily

She was special in many ways. Her life style was simple. Her entire life was of a selfless nature where she sacrificed her energy for the upliftment of her family and village.

I was four years old when I came to live with her, in her little home surrounded by trees, flowers and birds. I will never forget how she brought up both me and my sister who was 2 ½ years old then.

At the prime of her youth she gave up a good profession at the General Hospital to care for her younger sisters and only brother who were in school when they lost their parents in 1943. Thereafter, she dedicated her life to educate the family and also worked for the upliftment of the poor village of Gonapinuwala, where she lived.

She took a keen interest in the problems of the villagers and advised the parents of small children, on education, health and malnutrition problems etc… I remember instances where she sent poor patients to Colombo and Galle hospitals at her own expense.

Her courage and dedication to uplift the village deserve appreciation.

She started a dairy farm by introducing a high breed of cattle and poultry. This led to the establishment of a milk collection centre. Next, she introduced a new variety of paddy for a better yield to obtain a higher price for the farmer. The farmers also started growing vegetables and fruits on a larger scale. With these items in hand she had approached the Minister and through her influence, a co-operative store was opened in the village.

Finally, the people showed their gratitude by choosing her as the President of the Co-operative stores, where she served for many years.

She was popular among the younger generation as she was young at heart. She constantly organized educational tours to ancient cities in the land.

What we enjoyed the most was going in bullock carts, sight seeing on Vesak nights and picnics with tasty food during holidays and fishing in pools and streams!

My sister and I will remember her with gratitude for having shown us a glimpse of the light of Christ when in her care.

She was the eldest daughter of the late proctor W.A. Kodippily of Matara and Maggie Weerasooriya of Dodanduwa. She was 89 years old when she left us. Towards the end, she often said “My work is fulfilled and I am going Home”. The people of this village will remember “Marjorie Nona” for many years to come.

By Kamala (Mrs. D Weerasooriya)

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