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Sunday, February 18, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 38

Aney is it true? with nam

He’s my brother….
*The Builders banned the Power People. Then for the luck of the Power People one of their own ‘game’ people took over the baton at the recent musical chairs contest. Power People got into action. They quickly organized a huge ‘thamasha’ and made the big man the chief guest at this event. In no time the big man favoured his own ‘game’ people and lifted the ban imposed on the Power People.

The iron lady
* Some of the Building people are planning to conduct a ‘picketing’ session against the iron lady directress in the sports house. They complain that she is very biased when it comes to matters regarding the building people. Recently she had been very cussed at one such meeting where even big hulking men had broken down.

Take this as an example!
* This under thirteen final was between a Saintly school in Matale and Baptist School at Maradana at the famous Dambulla Stadium. Maradana School won and in the aftermath one of the umpires who stood at the match was manhandled by a section of the crowed. However it is also known that among this Saintly crowed who manhandled the umpire there had been a Saintly teacher and some Saintly parents who could not take up defeat.

Can you beat this?
‘Sara’ and ‘Seba’ played a match. They both had differences with the umpires involved half way through the match and the umpires had to be taken away by the end of the second day. Then by the third day of this match there was another pair of umpires standing in the middle. Very interesting isn’t it?

Cutting the ‘sods’ under their feet
* It is also reported that a disenchanted troupe is making an attempt to prevent the Indian Cricket team who are making plans to tour Sri Lanka on a special short tour next June from making that tour.

So what happened darling?....
* Who was that umpire who was chatting with the aid of a head set while officiating at an inter-school match? They say he was chatting to his girl friend.

The power struggle
* As a result of the on going power struggle among the men in white in the middle. Now a section is trying to get rid of their general secretary the ‘Morningsun’.

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