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Sunday, February 18, 2007
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TV Times

Brown Nation Rocks Dubai

The Sri Lankan cover band ‘Brown Nation’ is currently making good grooves in Dubai Grand Hotel. The lineup was specially arranged for the contract in "Bubble Night Club".

Shean Dharmaratne the popular singer (DreamTeam, Revelation)merged with the talented group that was known in Colombo as "Channel 5" to tour Dubai.

They initially flew in for a three month contract, it was extended since they hit with the crowd very well.

‘Different from the other gigs I had in Dubai, here we perform to an exclusive American Clientele in the first two sets, around midnight we get audience from India, Nepal, Philippines, and Arab Countries’ said Shean "Grand hotel is always filled with transit Americans and they really enjoy our 70's music, and the lineup is managing to impress a lot of people"

He also adds that he had very good faith in Channel 5 from the time he was managing them a few years ago. "I have had the easiest time with these guys where discipline is concerned and also they are an awesome band" the band members who known before as Cyclone, have earned quite a reputation in the industry as one of the best bands and also one of the busiest. Channel 5 has backed Shean for more than a year in many functions, Concerts, Radio Station Promos, also at the Echelon Pub (Colombo Hilton), R&B and Clancy's.

Shean claims to not be on the spotlight in the line-up allowing Sherry and Chaminda (keyboardist) who has a very talented voice, to handle more singing. Shean will be on percussions and vocals. The rest of the band is Chamal on Drums, Indika on Bass and backing vocals, and the lead guitarist Sumedha also on vocals.

Sherry the female Vocalist (who now plays a good deal of the Rhythm Guitar) has gained loads of experience lately and has quite a following in Dubai, She just came down after two successful gigs in Dubai, First with "Spark" at "El Rancho's" Marco polo Hotel, and the second contract where she was offered to form her own band and perform at the Palm Beach Rotana Dubai.

Brown Nation has been receiving excellent feed back and been asked to stay longer. Despite the very good offer the band will be returning to Colombo late April‘Our main man Chaminda is getting married and we want to be there for it’ said Shean. We will return to Dubai in latter months of year 2007. I have got more offers that I will be following up on.

The band will be seen in the top pubs and clubs in Colombo in May 2007.

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