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Sunday, February 18, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 38
TV Times

A journey against the tide

Dr. P.H.D. H. de Silva of Rajagiriya writes....

I fully agree with director Anuruddha (p.g, TV. Times of 31st December 2006). Either produce a high quality telefilm or not at all.
None of the local T.V. Stations have properly understood the television as a communication medium and its potential to uplift knowledge of the whole community. They seem to think that there is no difference between the films screened in film houses and tele-film which are beamed to the home and the family.

So what have we done? During the daytime all Indian films - Hindi and south Indian and in the night songs, dances and a majority of poor quality teledramas involving crime, drinking, alcohol both home and in clubs, underworld characters, police high-ups and even hospital doctors in the payroll of the underworld. We were told that "Justice and Truth will prevail in the end" but not in our local tele-films.

So what is the impact on growing children in the country where their homes are inundated with poor quality and 'barbaric" tele films.

See the cheap qualitycomedies screened -'Andare' 'Yes Boss', 'Shakalaka Baby', 'Dara Garage' and most of these by the T.V. station calling itself the ‘Pride of the Nation’. Patronage should be to high quality films which reach an international standard.

The T.V. time today is devoted to songs, dances and politics. Just have a look at Asia News Channel - what a variety they show - cultural sites, religious places, customs, family life, outdoor activities such as gardening, handicrafts, cooking craft, technology, medical renovations and treatment, engineering, landscape, animals of the coral reefs etc. This is both educative and enjoyment for the whole community.

It is only a dream for me for I cannot expect any improvement in the next few decades. For it is easy to go with the tide but it is those who go against the tide who help to set high standards which will stand as a beacon and a pride to the country.

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