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Sunday, February 18, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 38
TV Times

Mixed up tunes

Mrs. C.T. Wijekoon of Kaduwela Writes .....

First I would like to thank the armed forces whole heartedly for the very courageous and dedicated services they rendered to our motherland. We have to appreciate and be grateful for they try their very best of protect us from our enemies during which time they either lose their lives or are badly injured. The sacrifices they make for us are too numerous to mention.

When I first heard the advertisement on T.V. for our forces I was very happy for one thing it a nice tune and goes to show that we are concerned and that we care for them, as the old: says they are one of us. This tune has to be a very sacred tune as it for our own armed forces, but sadly some don't think so, we now hear on TV and radio, this very tune being used for a commercial. (The Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation).

How heartless can we get. Is this the way we show our gratitude to the very people who protect us day and night. Copying in Sri Lanka is nothing new but this is a disgrace and very heartbreaking to think that we can be so thoughtless and ungrateful.

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