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State Minister gets Chinese released from airport, ignoring deportation order


State Minister gets Chinese national released from airport.

A Chinese national who attempted to enter the country on a forged passport and due to be deported to the country of origin with two of his friends has been allowed to enter the country due to the intervention of a state Minister.

The Chinese national had been detained until he was deported back to Dubai from where he had travelled to enter Sri Lanka using a forged passport.

After he was detected he had acted boisterously and abused immigration officers. His Chinese and an Egyptian friend too were due to be deported as they had acted violently at the airport.

They had later tried to bribe the officials.  

However a state Minister had intervened and got the Chinese released after claiming that he was a potential investor.

The State minister had given a request in writing to the Immigration Controller asking for his release.

By T.K.G. Kapila 

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