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Police to introduce database, facial recognition systems to identify criminals


Steps have been taken to formulate an integrated database and introduce a face recognition system to identify criminals, senior police officers told President Maithripala Sirisena today (Aug 29).

Officials had explained that the database would be created with the assistance of the Police, Department of Immigration and Emigration, Department of Registration of Persons and Sri Lanka Telecom.

They had also stated that any Police officer would be able to access this database which would comprise details of suspects who have been evading arrest.

Meanwhile, officials had also told the President that they hope to introduce audible alarms and warning lights at railway crossings in a bid to curb the number of train-related accidents.

It had been pointed out that gates have been installed at 280 railway crossings while alarms and lights have been installed at nearly 350 crossings, the President's Office said in a statement.

The statement proceeded to note that officials had also discussed on allocating Rs 600 million in next year's budget to develop sanitary facilities at Police stations.

President Sirisena, under whom the Police Department belongs to, had noted that he hopes to promote 31,000 police officers under three phases in the near future.

Acting Police Chief Chandana Wickramaratna, Transport Minister Arjuna Ranatunga, and other senior police officers attended the meeting.

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