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17th September 2000
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Blackwood getting serious?

 By Miles Brohier

Newcomer to the music scene in the UK is Richard Blackwood. His debut single '1234 Get With The Wicket', entered the singles chart at No: 10 this week. It is a rap song with a lot of humour. Richard Blackwood is an actor and music is only a sideline. He is the UK's answer to Will Smith. In recent years rap music has been given the cold shoulder in the UK. For Blackwood to penetrate the scene dominated by dance is an achievement. The video to '1234 Get With The Wicket', is also a very simple production. It is very much like the Chaka Demus & Pliers clip for 'Twist & Shout' which portrayed a happy-go-lucky easy life-style. The setting of course is very different. The question however is how serious Richard Blackwood is about his music career. Many critics say the comedian turned musician is not serious at all and that before one realises Blackwood will just be another statistic.

A little known dance act called Modjo has taken over the No: 1 spot on the UK singles chart with a song titled 'Lady (Here Me Tonight)'. A week ago chart watchers were confident that this single would zoom into the hot spot going by the advance orders it was receiving. The track crossed over to the UK club scene as a result of Ibiza clubbers returning. Together with record company executives and DJ's kept the Ibiza feeling alive. The demand for 'Lady (Here Me Tonight)' was so great that 250,000 copies of the single was despatched to retailers after radio stations gave the song maximum airplay. 

By mid-week last week it was clear that AI's 'Take On Me' had been dislodged by the Modjo single.

In May this year 'It Feels So Good' became a No: 1 hit for Sonique. It took some time to catch on in the UK while else where it was one of the most aired tracks.

Her label persisted with 'It Feels So Good', coupled with appearances on Top Of The Pops, interviews etc. and then presto the Isles were echoing to Sonique. 

In fact 'It Feels So Good', is the only chart champ to occupy the No: 1 slot for 3 weeks-the longest reign so far this year. For her current release 'Sky', Sonique had to settle for the runner-up spot at No: 2.

Many of us were wonder ing if Lena Marlin was one those statistics. She released a very good song titled 'Silting Down Here' in February. The single debut in the chart at No: 6 in March and peaked at No: 5. Unlike most current releases Lena Marlin's material brought a kind of fresh air because of the greater use of accoustics. Besides, very few artistes release material with good lyrics these days. 

Lena Marlin marks a sharp departure from the current trend. Together with a catchy melody Marlin has been a refreshing artiste to take note of in recent times.

This week after 7 months Lena's next release 'Unforgivable Sinner', debuted at No: 3. Once again a excellent track from the 18-year-old Norwegian whose debut album 'Playing My Game' has been selling in the millions.

It appears the lo cal radio stations are fighting shy of giving airplay to many of the recent hits. Among them are 'Babylon' by David Gray, 'Yellow' by Coldplay, 'Music' by Madonna, '2 Faced' by Louise and 'Battle' by Wook'e. An older track called 'Glorious' by Andreas Johnson was never heard on local radio. Sri Lankan listeners are missing a lot of music good or bad.


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