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17th September 2000
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Wins 25 medals...

Wushu team dazzles in Nepal

By Champika Fernando
Despite the amazing attempt to halt their partcipation the Sri Lankan Wushu squad to the first ever South Asian Championship, they came out with fine colours to bring back as many as 25 medals at the meet concluded recently in Nepal Katmandu. Even without any prior international exposure the 16-member squad performed extremely well to be the runners-up of the tournament. 

Anyway it is pathetic to note that the former officials of the Sri Lankan Wushu Federation atempted to halt their departure to Nepal at the last minute through the court's help.

However they managed to achieve what they were longing for. After the last World Wushu championship the present officials fought back to reveal the injustces done by the former officials in the name of this game and succeeded in getting into power. 

Youngsters getting their first international experience on foreign soil produced impressive performances against the South Asian martial arts giants. The tough and hardening atmosphere created by the former officials were nevertheless a stepping-stone for these youngsters which enabled them to meet any kind of pressure in any situation. But according to the performances the pressure was much less there compared to the pressure they had in their own motherland. 

" In the past when conducting the national wushu championship they never informed us. The participants were all from the same club and winners are also from it. Judges were so partial so that the best never won," they added regretfully for hindering their talents for so long.

However the pick of the Sri Lankan performers were Mahesh Vitharana Pathirana, Sujith Sampath Kumara and Elvis Vanculanberg who brought back gold medals for their motherland. 

Meanwhile Sujith Sampath Kumara also won two Bronze medals.

Two of the women performers, Arlene Sebastian, and Achini Weerasinghe, also produced impressive performances to win two Silver medals and three Bronze medals respectively.

The third women's performer Damayanthi Samarawickrema won three Silver medals.

The District Court of Colombo issued an enjoining order restraining the participation of the Sri Lankan squad after three performers alleged they were victims of unfair selections just after their leaving.

Manel Dharmakeerthi the chef-de-mission of the Sri Lankan squad said that these youngsters were duly rewarded for their talents. Some were of the view that the selections were unfair but we have proved that the selections were fair and had selected the best lot. The lack of facilities did not halt their enthusism and their determination. "They were all out to do anything to achieve the goal they were aiming at" he added. 

The Sri Lankan squad contested events in the long weapon, short weapon, long sword, broad sword, spear-play and bare hand combat catagories.

The other medal winners for Sri Lanka were: Eranga Weerasinghe (Silver-sanshu combat), Upali Tillekaratne (Silver-sanshu combat), Rasika Nishantha (Bronze-sanshu combat), Rohan Thushara (Bronze-sanshu combat), Leel Roshan Dharmapriya (Bronze-sanshu combat), Ranjith Ruberu (Bronze- sanshu combat), Sujith Manju Kumara (two Silvers and one Bronze), Kumara Munasinghe (one Silver and Bronze) and Ravindra Silva (Bronze).

Anyway these youngsters will go into history for winning 25 medals at the international tournament but sad to say, so far no recognition has been given to these medallists in their homeland. They were truly rewarded for the good work they did and now it is the chance of the responsible personnel to look after them.

Jayasena bros. lit Panadura cricket 

By M. Shamil Amit
During the era 1980 and early 90's the Jayasena brothers Mangala and Hemantha were much sought after cricketers in the Panadura district if not in the Kalutara district. Of the two, Mangala the eldest performed with excellence but was unfortunate not to have represented the national team as he came almost near to it. Both brothers attended St. John's College Panadura the oldest cricket playing school in the district. 

Mangala started playing cricket from the junior level having captained the school under 13,15,17 and the senior team he captained in the 85/86 season and was a good all-rounder. 

The season, 88/89 the last he played for the school, was his best almost being chosen as the best All Island Schoolboy Batsman and all-rounder of that year, eventually both categories being won by the present Sri Lanka captain Sanath Jayasuriya, and in that season Mangala topped the 1000 runs mark with a double century 201 not out against St. Thomas's, Kotte and two centuries 168 against Ananda Sastralaya Kotte and 108 against Moratu Vidyalaya and had a wicket haul of 70 wickets and from there it was no looking back as he went from strength to strength, 

In the same season he was included in the Sri Lanka Under 19 pool and when the England Under 19 team captained by Mike Atherton, which included players of the calibre of Mark Ramprakash, Mark Alleyne and the present England captain Nasser Hussain came on a tour he was selected to play for the Board President's Eleven, was also selected to play against the Pakistan Under 23 team in 1990.

Mangala has been a member of the Panadura Sports Club cricket team since 1987 and his best year was when Panadura Sports Club became runners-up to SSC in the Lakspray Trophy Division One Cricket Tournament. 

In the Mercantile cricket tournament he first played for Hirdramanis Ltd. and was a member when they became 'H' division champions and later played for the Commercial Bank where with his all-round performances helped the team to become 'B' division champions. He is yet employed at the Commercial Bank.

In 1995 he left for Australia to play grade cricket in the State of Victoria and represented the Lyndale Cricket Club for six months and on his return from Australia the same year and on his performance during the 1996 Division One Cricket Tournament was called up to the Sri Lanka "A" team cricket pool and that was how far he went and in first class cricket.

When speaking to Mangala he showed me a certificate he had received from the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka for having attended a cricket course for coaches and successfully passing out as an 'A' grade coach of Sri Lanka. When I asked him, "are you going to shift your activities to this field", he said, "not so soon I have some more cricket left in me so I would like to play a bit more and then consider coaching". 

When I inquired about his brother Hemantha Jayasena another fine cricketer though not successful in Sri Lanka, Hemantha too represented the college team from the junior level and captained the college senior team in the season 90/91, when at junior level he has won numerous awards specially as a bowler, they both played for the Panadura Sports Club which had players like Don Anurasiri, Wijitha Deshapriya, Sarath Jayawardena, Rohan Soysa, and Mahesh de Mel to name a few.

Hemantha at the end of 1991 left for Italy and had since being playing cricket in Italy very seriously and represents a club called Pianoro Cricket Club one of the premier clubs in Italy amongst seven other clubs, other Sri Lankans playing for clubs in Italy are Kamal Kariyawasam and Sama-natha de Mel for Bergamo Cricket Club, Kelum Perera and Nirosha Ramanayake for Cesena C.C.

Hemmantha has topped the batting average and in one season had an average of 85.91% and scored 228 not out as his highest score. Hemantha has represented the Italian national team on numerous tours abroad and at the ICC Trophy tournaments alongside Scotland, Bangladesh, Denmark, Hong Kong, U.A.E. and Kenya though the Italian national team has not tasted success. Hemantha has not lost his touch, seeing the trophies in the cupboard at their home. I was made to understannd that almost all these trophies were Hemantha's which he got for his performances in Italy.

Before I left I asked Mangala, who was responsible for all their successes, the reply was "our parents were the biggest influence for us and gave us a solid backing in pursuing our cricketing career." He concluded by saying, "We are ever grateful to them and treasure them more than our success."

Harini, Ruvika, Nadia set up records at swimming

Three new swim records were established at the National School Games swimming championships concluded at the Sugathadasa Stadium Pool.

Harini Jayasekera of Visakha Vidyalaya clocked 37:08 secs in the Under 19, 50 metre backstroke to set up a new record in this event.

The second record was lowered in the 50 metres butterfly girls' under 17 event when Ruvika Fernando of Mahamaya College Kandy clocked 33: 51. The third record was by Nadia Senanayake of Ladies' College Colombo when she clocked 39.73 secs to set up a new record in the girls' under 19 event.

A noteworthy performance in the under 17 girls' events was by Melissa Boange of Bishop's College who won two events.

The first was in the 200 metres individual medley when she clocked 2:50:49 to take first place and ther second triumph was in the under 17, 50 metre backstroke with a timing of 36:20 secs. 

The results:

200 M Individual Medley (Girls' Under 17):, 1. Melissa Boange, Bishop's College, Col. 3 - Western 2:50:49; 2. Ruvika Fernando, Mahamaya College, Kandy - Central 2:52:10; 3. Dilanthi Ranaweera, Mahamaya College, Kandy - Central. 2:54:74.

200 M Individual Medley (Girls' Under 19), : 1.Ruchira Money, Bishop's College, Col. 3 - Western 3:05:68; 2. Kamakshi Mubarak, Holy Family Convent, Col.4 - Western 3:07:34; 3. Harini Jaysekera, Visakha Vidyalaya, Col. 4 - Western 3:09:42.

100 M Free Style (Boys' Under 17) : 1. Thanura Abeywardena, S. Thomas', College, Mt. Lavinia - Western 1:00:08; 2. R.T. Perera, Ananda College, Col.10 - Western 1:01:62; 3. Nalaka Kahawatta, St. Sylvester's College, Kandy - Central 1:04:02.

100 M Freestyle (Boys' Under 19) : 1. Jayamal Wijeratne, Ananda College, Col.10 - Western 58:80; 2. Eranga Fernando S. Thomas' College. Mt: Lavinia - Western 59:83; 3. A.R.D. Weerasinghe, Trinity College, Kandy - Central 1:01:93.

50 M Backstroke (Girls' Under 17) : 1. Melissa Boange, Bishops College, Colombo 3 - Western 36:20; 2. Dilanthi Ranaweera, Mahanamya College, Kandy - Central 37:36; 3.Dilini Liyanage, Ladies' College, Col.7 - Western 37:53.

50 M Backstroke (Girls' Under 19): 1. Harini Jaysekera, Visakha Vidyalaya, Col. 4 - Western 37:08 (New Record); 2. Ruchira Money, Bishop's College, Col 3 - Western 37:33; 3. Nadia Senanayake, Ladies' College, Col. 7- Western 39:59.

50 M Breaststroke (Boys' Under 17):1. Ragvan Madawela S. Thomas' College, Mt: Lavinia - Western 34:65; 2. Kusal Jayasekera Royal College, Col.7 - Western 37:64; 3.Yohan Gunasekera, Veluwans Vidyalaya - Col.9 - Western 37: 91.

50 M Breaststroke (Boys' Under 19):1. Jayamal Wijeratne, Ananda College, Col. 10 - Western 35: 26; 2. Senura Abeywardena, S: Thomas' College, Mt.Lavinia - Western 35:78; 3. Kusal Senanayake, Royal College, Col.7 - Western 35:99.

50 M Butterfly (Girls' Under 17):1. Ruvika Fernando, Mahamaya College, Kandy - Central 33:51 (New Record) ; 2. D.G.Iroshini Kaushalya, Ananda Balika Vidyalaya, Col. 10 - Western 36:14; 3. Asangi Wijesundera, Visakha Vidyalaya, Col.4 - Western 36:14.

50 M Butterfly (Girls' Under 19):1. Harini Jayasekera, Visakha Vidyalaya, Col.4 - Western 35:72; 2. Nadine Senanayake, Ladies' College, Col.7 - Western 36:10, 3. Ruchira Money, Bishops College, Col. 3 -Western 38:70.

Event No. 50 M x4 Free Style Relay (Boys' Under 17):1. St. Joseph's College, Col 10 - Western 1:58:39; 2. Trinity College, Kandy Central - 2:00:85; 3. Ananda College, Col. 10 - Western 2:00:92.

50 M x4 Freestyle Relay (Boys' Under 19): 1. Royal College, Col. 7 - Western 1:53:66; 2. Ananda College, Col. 10 - Western 1:55:23; 3. Trinity College, Kandy - Central 1:58:06.

50M, x4 Freestyle Relay (Girls Under 17): 1. Mahamaya College, Kandy - Central 2:13:54; 2. Ladies' College, Col.7 - Western 2:17:17; 3. Bishops' College, Col. 3 - Western 2:20:00.

50,Mx4 Medley Relay (Girls Under 19): 1. Ladies College, Col.7 Western - 2:36:36; 2. Visakha Vidyalaya, Col.4 - Western 2:44:51; 3. Bishop's College Col. 3 - Western 2:51:84.

200M Individual Medley (Boys Under 17):1. Thanura Abeywardena, S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia - Western 2:31:48; 2. Dharshana Tennakoon, Ananda College, Col. 10 - Western 2:37:22; 3. Rasmin Gunaratne, Royal College, Col. 7 - Western 2:40:98.

200, M Individual Medley (Boys' Under 19): 1. Eranga Fernando, S.Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia. Western - 2:33:65; 2. Rumedha Maligasekera, St: Joseph's College, Col. 10 - Western 2:36:65; 3. K.K.V. Ajith Kumara, Devananda Maha Vidyalaya, Ambalangoda. Southern- 2:45:22.

100 M Freestyle (Girls' Under 17):1. Ruvika Fernando, Mahamaya College, Kandy - Central 1:08:36; 2. Rukshani Gunaratne, Musaeus College, Col.7 - Western 1:10:28; 3. Melissa Boange, Bishop's College, Col. 3 - Western. 1:10:97.

100M Freestyle (Girls' Under 19):1. Amodhika Summitharachchi, Mahamaya College, Kandy - Central 1:13:88; 2. Durga Ranatunga, St:Bridgets' Convent, Col. 7 - Western 1:14:28; 3. Pasanga Abeywardena, Visakha Vidyalaya, Col. 4 - Western 1:16:35.

50 M Backstroke (Boys' Under 17):1. Dharshana Tennakoon, Ananda College, Col 10 - Western 34:11; 2. Kusal Jayasekera, Royal College, Col. 7 - Western 35:34; 3. H.B. Hulugalla, Trinty College, Kandy - Central 35:88.

50M Backstroke (Boys' Under 19):1. S.De. Silva, Trinity College, Kandy - Central 33.72; 2. Ravi De Silva, Royal College, Col. 7 - Western 35:34; 3. S.H.M. Jackson, St:Anthony's College, Kandy - Central 37:27.

50 M Breaststroke (Girls' Under 17): 1. Dilanithi Ranaweera, Mahamaya College, Kandy - Central 41:97; 2. Asangi Wijesundera, Visakha Vidyalaya, Col. 4 - Western 42:29; 3. Ruvika Fernando, Mahamaya College, Kandy - Central 43:22.

50M Breaststroke (Girls' Under 19):1. Nadia Senanayake, Ladies College, Col. 7 - Western 39:73 (New Record) ; 2. Naddine Senanayake, Ladies' College, Col. 7 - Western 40:06;

3. Kamakshi Mubarak, Holy Family Convent, Col. 4 - Western 42:45 50 M Butterfly (Boys' Under 17):1. Thanura Abeywardena, S:Thomas' College, Mt: Lavinia - Western 29:79; 2. Malaka Suraweera, Royal College Col. 7 - Western 31:05; 3. Lasitha Perera, S:Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia - Western 31:45.

50M Butterfly (Boys Under 19):1. Ravi De Silva, Royal College, Col. 7 Western 29:17; 2. Eranga Fernando, S.Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia - Western 29:28; 3. Jayamal Wijeratne, Ananda College, Col. 10 - Western 29:74.

50Mx4 Free Style Relay (Girls Under 19):1. Ladies' College Col. 7 - Western 2:20:97; 2. Bishops' College, Col. 3 - Western 2:26:21; 3. Visakha Vidyalaya, Col.4 - Western 2:26:92.

50Mx4 Medley Relay (Girls' Under 17): 1. Mahamaya College, Kandy - Central 2:30:95; 2. Ladies' College, Col.7 Western-, 2:32:76; 3. St. Bridgets Convent, Col. 7 - Western 2:39:17.

50M x 4 Medley Relay (Boys' Under 17): 1. S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia - Western 2:08:42; 2. Royal College, Col. 7 - Western 2:13:10; 3. Ananda College, Col. 10 - Western 2:16:55.

50Mx4 Medley relay (Boys' Under 19)1.S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia - Western 2:10:36; 2. Royal College, Col. 7 - W estern 2:11:51; 3. St. Joseph's College, Col. 10 - Western 2:15:15. 

Otters sweep waterpolo title

It was a clean sweep for Otter Aquatic Club and Sri Lanka Air Force as they won the men's and women's titles respectively at the Otter knock out waterpolo championships held at the Otter AC swimming pool on the 27th August 2000.

In the men's tournament seven teams took part, they were defending champions Otter Aquatic Club, S. Thomas' College, Sri Lanka Air Force, Belvoir International, Rainbow Aquatic Club and the 'B' teams of both Otter and S. Thomas'.

In the women's event four teams participated, Sri Lanka Air Force, Ladies' College, Rainbow Aquatic Club and Otter Aquatic Club.

Results: Men's matches - Otter AC 'B' gave a walk-over to STC 'B'. Otter AC 'A' beat STC 'B' 12 - 1. SL Air Force beat Rainbow AC 13 - 0. STC 'A' beat Belvoir International 13 - 0, STC 'A' beat SL Air Force 7 - 0, SL Air Force beat STC 'B' 3 - 2 (Third Place), Finals: Otter AC 'A' beat STC 'A' 3 - 0.

Women's matches - Ladies' College beat Otter AC 11 - 4, SL Air Force beat Rainbow AC 7 - 1, Rainbow AC beat Otter AC 6 - 1 (Third Place). Finals: SL Air Force beat Ladies' College 5 - 2.

On paper it would seem as if the homesters dominated all four quarters of seven minutes of play. But it was no cake- walk for the Otter AC players who had to fight tooth and nail against a well knit Thomian side. Starting the match off at a very fast pace, the host club scored first in the final minutes of the first quarter through Roshan Ranasinghe off a timely pass by Nawaff Mubarak. During the same quarter Thomian corner player Ragitha Warnapura took a long shot which kissed the woodwork - a great chance to equalise.

In the second quarter Otter AC dominated the proceedings with better possession, passing and shooting scored their second goal through their shallow end hole player Nawaff Mubarak off a drop pass from Charitha Ratwatte. At the end of the second quarter Otter AC led 2 - 0. With tiredness setting in, the third quarter was tough. An opening in the Thomian defense allowed Otter AC deep end hole player Douglas Munz (US National team 1997) to breaka way and score off a long pass from Kushan Yapa. 

The rest of the third quarter remained scoreless with both teams attempting many shots at goal and failing to score. The final quarter turned out to be a tense battle on the water, with S. Thomas' making a spirited effort to make amends for the scrappy display they put in the first three quarters, during which Otter AC players dominated play. Thomian skipper Nabil Mubarak was well marked by defensive specialist Asela Jayaweera. There were three identical shots made at goal by S. Thomas' Ranga Warnapura, Dayan Ranasinghe and Wayne De Silva, but were saved by M. S. Riyaz (Jnr) the Otter AC goalie who did an excellent job either at the deep or shallow end. Later on Otter AC got into their stride with Douglas. Nawaff and Roshan slinging out long shots which failed to see the net. The final tally was 3 - 0 in favour of Otter AC.

The referees for the final were Mr. Lal Hewage and Mr. Charya de Saram. The Otter AC team was represented by Piyal Hewage (Capt), Asela Jayaweera, Roshan Ranasinghe, Nawaff Mubarak, Kushan Yapa, Charitha Ratwatte, Douglas Munz, M. Riyaz (Snr), M.S. Riyaz (Jnr), Johannes Jayasuriya, Roshan Wijesinghe, Ravindu Alwis, Janaka Priyalal, Harith Ukwatte. The victorious Otter team was helped by their waterpolo captain P.S.P. Dayananda and senior club member Hiran Ukwatte.

Otter Aquatic Club President Gamini Nithikumara was the chief guest and presented the winning team with the Nandasiri Hewage/Niranjan Sinnethamby challenge shield.

Tikiri retires from Air Force

By Bernie Wijesekera
Group Captain Tikiri Marambe, one of the finest scrum halves produced by Trinity College, Kandy, who later made his career in the Sri Lanka Air Force, retired from the Air Force last week.

A Trinity 'lion' at rugby Marambe played with distinction for Air Force, Sri Lanka and the Defence Services.

In an interview with the Sunday Times Tikiri Marambe paid a glowing tribute to former Air Force Commanader Harry Gunatilleke, who was a great lover of rugby and a leading rugby referee.

The Air Force team under the leadership of Lakshman Caldera won the Clifford Cup in 1986 defeating Police in a rousing final. This team had players like Nalin de Silva, Tony Wimalasuriya, Rex Anthony and all of them went on to represent Sri Lanka.

Tikiri Marambe captained Air Force in 1988 and in 1986-87 Tikiri was adjudged the most outstanding sportsman in the Air Force and was awarded the Vartharaja Memorial Trophy for two years in a row, which in itself is a record in the SLAF.

According to Tikiri the best player that he has played with is Saman Jayasinghe, the No 8. Tikiri captained the Sri Lanka team in 1982 and the side also included Saman Jayasinghe.

Presently Tikiri is the Chairman of the Rugby Selection panel. Now that Tikiri has retired from Air Force, he will have more time to devote to rugby. 


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