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'J TO Tha LO- The remixes'
By Sanath Weerasuriya
Sexy Jennifer Lopez is the star of this week's 'Original Music Competition', which is organised by M- Entertainment in collaboration with TV Times.
Given that Jennifer Lopez's up-tempo material tends to work much better than her slower recordings.

But 'J to tha L-O :The Remixes' is a collection of odds and ends. Of course, as usual, the term "remix" is a misnomer; these are versions of Lopez recordings to which other elements have been added, not simply remixes of the existing tracks.

The first four rhythmic, but not really dance-worthy tracks are really Lopez-plus-rapping, much of which clashes with the tone of the original songs. For example, Fat Joe's comments during "Love Don't Cost A Thing" seem to deny the point of the lyrics Lopez is singing.

But by far the worst of the rap remixes is "Feelin' So Good," on which ex-flame Sean "Puffy" Combs provides typically lame remarks, most of which consist simply of the comment, "This is the remix," which he mutters over Lopez's vocal track. Thankfully, there are a few selection here that will work well on the dancefloor, starting with the Metro remix of 'Walking on Sunshine". Pablo Flores' remix of "Let's Get Loud" is particularly impressive, and Hex Heactor's take on "waiting for Tonight" casts the song as a traditional Hi-NRG workout. The album concludes with a track that isn't a remix, the ballad "Alive" from Lopez's 2002 film Enough.

The Original CDs and Cassettes of this album are available at all M Entertainment preferred dealers and comes in a limited edition fan pack with includes a J.LO desk top calendar. All winners of previous contests can collect their prizes from Maharaja Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd., at 330, T.B. Jaya Mw., Colombo 14.

To enter this contest, all you have to do is to answer the question on the coupon No.72 and send it to the address given below.

The address is "Listen to Original Music Contest, No. 72, C/o Maharaja Entertainments (Pvt.) Ltd., 330, T. B. Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10.

Tell: + 941672425-8, Fax + 941699070. E Mail:
All the entries must be originals from the TV Times and no photocopies or faxes will be entertained. All correct entries will be drawn by a panel of judges.

The entries should reach the above address by April 30, the latest. The decision of the judges will be final and the names of the winners will be announced in The Sunday TV Times accordingly.

Here are the winners of contest no. 68 . The winners of two Sony original CDs are Manilka Leanage of Colombo-8 and Sasith Rakhitha Chandrasena of Kiribathgoda.

Two audio cassette winners are Niroshani Meddegama of Angunawela and E. M. Somawa-thee of Wellipannagahamulla.

10% off gift Vouchers go to Aroshan Fernando of Dehiwela, Dinesh Cooray of Panadura, S.A.R Dissanayake of Gampa-ha,Chamira Dulanjan of Badulla,T. Don Yohan Senaka of Colombo -15 and Aqram Preena of Dehiwela.

Posters winner are Suranjith Ayomal Perera of Kandy, Chamath D.K. Hettiarachchi of Kotte,Tuan Nazran Burah of Colombo-09 and Chanaka Kumara of Rajagiriya.

Venom live @ the Den
Leading classic rock band 'Venom' will have a special appearance at the 'Den' cafe and pub on the April 25 to give those hungry rock fans a long awaited treat, who missed them in action for nearly five years.

Their last appearance was at the sellout "Monster's of Rock" concert held at Viharamadevi Park in 1997. They were regrouped in January this year specially to perform at much wanted "Rock Cyclone" which was eventully postponed due to heavy rain. Brainchild of this project Keerthi Fernando, who is the owner of the Den and leader of Venom yet is very keen to bring this event to a reality. 'It will come alive very soon I promise you' said Keerthi.

The latest addition to the line up is Chathurika Fernando, the front line vocalist of the Venom. Chaturika is a inborn talented vocalist with flair for rock music. She is the daughter of the leader Keerthi. Chathurika studied at Bishop's College and she is a good dancer too.

'She writes her own songs and we are doing a couple of her songs for the show at the Den.' Keerthi said. 'She is16 years of age and already with a brilliant voice and with immense talent plays classical piano and reads music' he added. She is ready to rock the scene with some of the covers by Creed, Four Non Blondies, Nickle Back, Bon Jovi, etc. She's also influenced by the father's favourite bands such as Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, White Snake, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.

Venom was formed in early 90's immediately after three months of hard practices, Keerthi and the boys went on, to stage "Settle with Metal -1" which was a sellout concert. Then they had many successful gigs always playing for large audiences. They started writing and composing music. The single "Prisoners Dream" became the No. 1 in the local charts. Keerthi and his band won the 'best rock band' and 'best rock singer' awards at the musical awards-Golden Cliff in '92 and '93.

The new line up of VENOM comprise of highly talented young bunch of musicians. Primal is a very talented guitarist, who practices eight hours a day.

'His marvellous touch and modern techniques makes the band sounds great' said Keerthi. Chaminda, who can easily branded as one of the best drummers in and out these days. Zion, who is an enthusiastic lead guitarist highly influenced by Slash and Hendrix. Kolitha who is an experienced musician on bass. Dinesh on keyboards is a professional sound and recording engineer.

Venom will mesmerize with powerful singing and stunning guitar solos and keep their fans stoned rock with some of the best classic rock selections at this show.

Kids on a 'Jumbo Savar'
By Susitha R. Fernando

To fill the gap in children's movies in Sri Lanka, an award winning Kannada film "Jumbo Savari" (Elephant Ride) is being screened at Chitra cinema in Kalutara. The film will soon be released in Colombo.

Directed by Lalitha Ravi and woven around how group of children looked after a elephant baby, this children movie had won an Indian National Award.

The protagonist in 'Jumbo Savari' is "Samba", a poor child living with his grand parents after the demise of his parents. Samba and his friends in the class are not interested in studies and their teachers do not know how to teach them either.

Giving the top stop to the colonial system the principal is involved in a number of absurdities that were unbecoming of his position. He travels in an old car manufactured by the British which is the only possession he had to show of his British affinity.

He gets the children and teachers to push his vehicle. The other teachers in Samba's school were no exception to their leader, the principal. While the head teacher is an amusing character, the teacher looking after the discipline in the school is hardhearted. One day Samba gets mercilessly beaten for not wearing shoes to the school.

To buy a pair of shoes is one of the dreams in Samba's life. He saves the money given for the lunch but one day buys a lottery from a duplicitous dancing team which comes to village. Samba wins the first prize but instead of money he gets white baby elephant as his reward. Samba's grandfather refuses to take the elephant home.

One day Samba's teacher gives them a lesson on freedom and tells them that the baby elephant is no different in this aspect. She tells them the most suitable place for the elephant is the forest and convinces the children to free the elephant.

Then forest officers reach the village to take it. Would the elephant leave Samba and his friends ? It was the baby elephant who has to decide?

Nanda Imbulgoda who got the exhibition rights in Sri Lanka for the film and who was responsible for bringing it here said "children in this country are deprived of going to cinemas." "While doors of cinema halls are closed to children with the production of so many adults only films, the children's right to go to a cinema is violated".

Mr. Imbulgoda, the director of a number of teleplays like "Illama", "Hima Ketayak Diya Nove" and "Uthurata Hama Giya Sisilasa" speaking on this laudable attempt to introduce the cinematic experience to children as a means of education said "this attempt proved successful with two screenings at Gamini cinema in Mathugama, which was packed with both school children and adults and it was reported that the particular cinema was filled to capacity with patrons after 20 years."

"This shows the demand for the children's movie even though it was not realised by our education system or they were not modern enough to understand it," Nanda Imbulgoda claimed.

"In fact I had great difficulty in persuading certain authorities in the Education Department grant the go ahead to show this in schools" he added.

Asked what were his future plans in his mission to take children to theatres Mr. Imbulgoda said: " From the day I read a children novel "Dinky" written by Rev. Fr Don Peter, I had a dream to put it on the screen".

"One objective in screening this children film 'Jumbo Savari' is to make way to produce another children's film," Nanda Imbulgoda said hoping he would succeed in his mission to make the cinema a familiar place for the children to visit in this country.

Films of Stanley Perera on show
A film festival with six films in which veteran actor, who had performed the main roles and co-main roles will be held from April 22 to 30 at Elphinstone Theatre.
The film festival organized by the Welfare Society of 'Sri Lanka United Artistes' expects to screen the films 'Minisun Athara Minihek' on 22, 'Suhada Sohouro' (23), 'Wanasaraa' (24), 'Sudhu Duwa' (25), 'Sujeewa' (29) and 'Sandaa'on 30 at 6.30 p.m.daily.

The veteran stars Stanley Perera, Florida Jayalath, Bandu Munasinghe, Clarice de Silva and Piyadasa Wijekoon will receive awards for their services rendered to the film industry on April 30.

Tale about how man behaves
"Ruwan Sakmana" depicting the common human foibles is the latest teleplay to be telecast every Wednesday at 9 pm on Swarnavahini.

A scene from 'Ruwan Sakmana'

Ranjith Rubasinghe the young actor-director has done the teleplay to a script by K. B. Herath. The main character here is Pathmalatha, a girl who had to face a series of misfortunes which she had other dreams about life.

Ruwan Sakmana unfolds as the girl narrates her sorrowful story to Rev. Sister, Anne, a superior in a convent.

Pathmalatha's mother, Egiline was a pawn broker and she had left Pathmalatha with her brother Shelton who enters into wedlock with Muriel. The new wife brings her mother too to live in Pathmalatha's house. Shelton flies abroad in search of the pot of gold leaving the sisters-in-law in charge of the domestic management.

Conflicts begin to emerge between the two and Pathmalatha opted to leave the house. After having left home Pathmalatha joins her friend Shyamali to work in a garment factory. There she meets her fiancé Rohana.

Ranjith Rubasinghe & Biyanka Shyamali in a scene from 'Ruwan Sakmana'

Meanwhile some of the jewellery pawned with Pathmalatha's mother and left behind in the house at her death had been stolen by Muriel who is now the head of Pathmalatha's house. Once Pathmalatha is away Muriel leases the house once belonging to Pathmlatha's family to a couple who are both teachers.

However Pathmalatha manages to find the jewellery stolen by her sister-in-law and keeps it with her friend Shyamali for safekeeping.

While Pathmalatha and her lover Rohana were engrossed in starting a new life an unfortunate incident occurs. Rohana disappears with the jewellery and some money belonging to Pathmalatha.

Meanwhile Pathmalatha is taken to the police over the theft of jewellery. On her return she aided by her friend Shyamali begins a mission to track her former lover Rohana who had deceived her. At the same time the teacher-couple gets arrested on a complaint by Muriel over the jewellery theft.

Enraged by the unjust circumstances taking place Pathmalatha volunteers to be a witness in the case and reveals her sister-in-law's role in the entire episode. Frightened to face the outcome of the developments Muriel commits suicide.

Hearing the sudden death Muriel's husband Shelton returns and starts a quarrel with the sister at the funeral accusing her of being responsible for the death. Shelton later befriends his sister and offers her the house ownership which she refuses. However Shelton goes abroad again handing over the keys to Margaret to look after the house. But believing that there would be a huge quantity of jewellery hidden in the house she starts digging up the floor every night.

Meanwhile Rohana, Pathmalatha's ex-boy friend starts an affair with Shyamali's younger sister Yamuna who is working in a garment factory.

Once again Rohana disappears having his new girl friend Yamuna in the lurch. The two girls Pathmalatha and Yamuna plan to trap their former lover Rohana who had betrayed both of them in turn. Will the girls be able to find Rohana? If he is found what would they do? Would Margaret find any jewellery or would she find anything else instead of hidden wealth.

The final act of the 13 episode miniplay is bound to throw up answers to all these questions.

The key roles in Ruwan Sakmana are played by Nimanthi Porage, Ranjith Rubasinghe, Deepani Silva, Janak Premalal, Mali Jayaweerage, Biyanka Shyamali and Muri Samarasinghe.

The telefilm has been produced by Renuka Udawatte while the musical score is by Rohana Weerasinghe to the lyrics of Sunil Ariyaratne. Nanda Malani renders her lilting voice to the song. The repeat telecast will be at 12.30 pm on Sunday.

'Purahanda Kaluwara' in London
A special screening of internationally recognised film "Purahanda Kaluwara" (Death on a full moon Day) of Prasanna Vithanage will be held London on April 25.

The film centering on the lives of people caught between poverty in a draught-stricken land and the empty glories of armed conflict was selected to be screened at the popular ICA cinema in London. The 'Imagine Asia' celebration is organised by Brtish Film Institute with the objective of promoting South Asian cinema in Britain.

The film would be later screened at other theaters around the country along with the few other selected South Asian films.

Prasanna Vithanage's much acclaimed film is built around a father who anxiously awaits the return of his son.

The young man is duty bound to provide for his father and other dependents since they are unable to till the soil in fall of the severe drought failing them.

Winning a top prizes the film was awarded with Grand Prix, Jury award and NETPAC at 19th Amiens International Film Festival in 1999 in addition other international film festivals it represented like Montreal, Pusan, IFFI (India), London, Istanbul, Dhaka and etc.,. and grabbed awards International Film Critic's award at Fribourg International Film Festival and Best Actor for Joe Abeywickrema at 12th Singapore International Film Festival.

The 'Better Mix' from Coreas
Two well-known showbiz, personalities Vijaya Corea and Sri Sangabo Corea have joined up to present the Better Mix described as the Show of Shows at the BMICH on May 31.

This unique 2 1/2-hour entertainer featuring specially selected have been put together in a star class presentation which will be quite different from any other musical seen and heard so far. Every single artiste in this show has been picked for his or her rare brand of talent, coming together in a show that is meticulously planned with attention to detail. Vijaya Corea's vast experience in promoting talent and Sri Sangabo Corea's marketing skills have been harnessed to give the Better Mix the 'clout' that will send music lovers rushing for tickets.

The Better Mix is the first show programmed and presented by Corea & Corea, this dynamic combination with more to follow next year after their return from commitments abroad. The Better Mix is a combination of Music, Song and Dance that is a feast for the ears and eyes as never before.

The Better Mix is in aid of the Gamini Dissanayake Institute of Technology and Computer Science, which is engaged in training the youth born to poor parents who cannot afford to give their children (although intelligent) the luxury of an education that will enable them to earn a honest living for themselves.

The overall objective of the Institute is to help the youth to secure employment and achieve a better of life and economic well-being. The rural community which constitutes 78.5% of Sri Lanka is the priority sector. With the Gamini Dissanayake Foundation being a Government Approved Charity all donations towards the Show are exempted from tax.

Both Vijaya and Sangabo were of the opinion that any assistance to educate the youth will find favour with the civic-minded public in our country. The organizing committee of the Better Mix, very logically is comprised of young men and women with the zest and enthusiasm to transform ambitious plans into reality.
The Committee has Sanjeeva Corea, Fiona Atapattu, Dilkushi Wickremasinghe, Viran Corea, Lilani Dharmaratne and Chrishantha Atapattu co-ordinating the work with Mrs. Srima Dissanayake and the Board of Directors of the Gamini Dissanayake Foundation adding muscle with their encouragement and support.

Expecting an unprecedented demand for tickets the organizers plan to release the tickets well in advance for the convenience of those who want to be at the show. With tickets out of the way the committee will be concentrating on the special features that will be introduced for the first time on stage.

The Better mix will be compered by the father and son combination of Vijaya and Viran Corea for the very first time on stage. With the curtain raiser the audience will be in for plenty of surprises.

Sri Lanka prepares for Chinese tourists
Taking into consideration the high growth potential of the outbound Chinese tourism market a number of Asian destinations have begun to aggressively promote tourism from China.

Sri Lanka Tourist Board has also initiated activities to venture into this new market. Obtaining the Approved Destination Status (ADS) has been identified as the most important preliminary task by the Ministry of Tourism.

According to Dr. P. Ramanujam, Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism, Sri Lanka will soon be an Approved Destination for Chinese tourists. Sri Lanka Embassy in China has initated the required process and progressed on this activity in order to achieve this status.

Necessary agreements are now being formulated and soon after the relevant procedural proceses ADS status will be granted to Sri Lanka.

As it is esentially vital to have the required infrastructure in place to lure the Chinese visitors, several key areas for improvements are identified as, Chinese speaking (Mandrin/Cantonese) guides and interpreters, Chinese Cuisine and Chinese promotional brochures.

Sri Lanka Toursit Board for the first time participated at the China National Travel Fair held in Kunmin in November last year, together with a strong delegation of industy representatives. A special Chinese language brochure was also launched.

At present the key area that needs to be addressed is to increase the numbr of Chinese speaking guides to accompany the Chinese visitors. Sri Lanka Toursit Board with China Southern Airlines. GSA in Sri Lanka, Air Euro Services Ltd. have designed and developed a Chinese language beginners course catering to a cross section of the toursit industry such as receptionists, managers, front line staff members guides etc.

Chinese Language classes will be conducted at Sri Lanka Tourist Board (Auditorium) on a regular basis every Sunday commencing from April 2 from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. for four months.

The course is designed for persons who do not have any knowledge of the Chinese language and will be conducted in Sinhala language by Prof. Hoa Vemm who has over ten years experience in conducting Sinhala courses.

The full course fee will be Rs. 5,000/-including registration fees. Interested applicants are requested to contact Mr. Hamit on telephone 304816. Registration at China Southern Airlines No. 321, Union Place, Colombo 2.

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