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Bottom Line aiming high
By Radhika Dandeniya
Sri Lankan bands have made occasional forays abroad, performing with some success to foreign audiences. One local band that has been performing in the Maldives had the good fortune recently of meeting superstar Bryan Adams there and receiving much encouragement from him. So much so, they now want to go global, while 'showing the world that they have a traditional touch'.

"Bottom Line" is a four-member band comprising Shamenlee Fernando (keyboard), Nishantha Pieris (lead guitar), Hasitha Samarakoon (drums) and Nilan Perera (bass).

All are accomplished singers with Nilan in the lead, and have been singing together for four years now, performing at weddings, parties and at hotels in Sri Lanka.

'Bottom Line' have their own style incorporating music from the 60s to the latest chart toppers, including reggae, country and Western, jazz and pop.

The members have a good rapport and complement each other's strengths. They have spent the past two years in the Maldives. "We had never been abroad together as a group plus the prospects are better overseas," explains Nilan Perera.

They currently have a year's contract there, playing Hindi, Sinhala and Arabic music to an enthusiastic audience at various resorts.

Bryan Adams and his entourage, at the tail end of a successful tour in India, happened to be in the Maldives at a five-star hotel where "Bottom Line" perform regularly. Once a month the hotel holds a musical theme night involving jamming sessions where different bands play together. It is organised by the popular Maldivian band 'Zero Degree (Attol)'.

It was during one of these nights that Keith, the lead guitarist in Bryan Adams' band approached the quartet and joined them in a jamming session that they thoroughly enjoyed. Impressed with their performance, Bryan Adams advised them to work hard on their own material, in order to progress.

Nilan had always considered Adams as one of his heroes and was delighted to have finally met him, adding that talking to him was a "good learning experience".

This has given them the necessary motivation to further their musical careers, they say.

The band now hopes to produce a CD in the Maldives with songs translated into Maldivian, Sinhala, Indian and Arabic.

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