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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 40

Thank you for all the good memories and good times

Eardley Neville Fernando

It’s three months since you are gone and I hear your footsteps walking beside me all the time.

Returning after surgery I found Eardley sprawled on the floor in the living room in a pool of blood due to a fall. He had suffered a massive stroke. The doctors did their best but it was too late. He had had an infarction of the brain.

According to his wishes we had a cremation. My son Kishan came from London to be beside his father when he was critical, but could not make it as he passed away as Kishan arrived at the gate of the hospital. The two daughters Dilki and Dushy were with him right through till the end. My cousin Noel who is more than a brother to me was always there with the children to console and help them. He was a tower of strength to us. As I try to put the past behind me now, and move on with my life coming to terms with the fact that my husband is no more, it is not easy. I remember just like the other day Eardley talking to me about the first day we met. I was only 18 years, just out of school when I was proposed to Eardley. My mother a young widow wanted a son-in-law who was kind and caring. Eardley promised my mother to take care of me and protect and guide me. This he did to the very end of his life.

I look back at the good times we had together, when we lived in Athens, Greece. Eardley worked for a ship owner who was Saudi-based. The company was known as “Orri Navigation Lines”. Mr. Orri as we called him was fond of Eardley, and respected him for his knowledge of English.

To keep Eardley back in Greece, he wanted the family to be with him, and as a result we ended up living in Greece. Giving up my career as a teacher, I left for Greece with my three children, who were students of Bishop’s College and St. Thomas Prep, Colombo.

Living in Greece was itself an education for the children. As we all know Greece is famous for its rich culture. Eardley enjoyed his stay in the Greek islands when the family was with him. We have beautiful memories of Greece, visiting the ancient Parthenon in Accropli, the stadium where the first Olympics was held and the famous wine festivals in Dahpne out of Athens. We owe so much to Eardley; if not for him we would not have ever had a chance of living in Greece.

Let us not forget Eardley, as a well known sportsman whether it was cricket, soccer, rugger, hockey or athletics. He excelled in sports at College level, taking part in all athletic events. He played club cricket, represented Bartleet and Co. in cricket, soccer and hockey. Later he was a Grade I cricket umpire and a soccer referee. His love for sports always went with him.

Finally, the best holiday in his life was the time he spent with his son Kishan in England, his daughter-in-law and his beautiful grand daughter Kishana, whom he cherished so much. He always said, he wanted to see her one more time before his death.

To Eardley his family was his first priority. He always taught the children to be sincere, kind and unselfish. He always told them – “Never give up”. He was always there to help them to face life's challenges.

Eardley, I miss you so much. Your love is a precious gift that I cherish forever. A father who always made the children feel special with the love he showered on them. We miss you so much. Let God keep you in his loving care.

By Your loving wife Malika

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