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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 40

Daddy, I miss you so much….

Bryan Paul Senanayake

It’s three months on March 5, since you left this world Daddy and I miss you more than ever…

I so wish you hung on for at least just a little while longer, so you could have seen and held your grand daughter…you would have adored her Daddy, and given her all that love you gave me. You never asked for anything, but on my last birthday, when you said you would like to see a grandchild, I was surprised … and then your wish came true. I still can envision the delight on your face when I told you, we were to have a baby. I didn’t quite understand the meaning of the earth sliding from under my feet until I was told you were gone… Even though our visit to the doctor’s had substantially increased, I still refused to consider the possibility of you leaving but I guess Jesus had other plans…

I miss your voice, your embrace but most of all I miss you just being there…

I will always hold on to the last conversation we had and how you never failed to let me know how much you loved me. Your voice still rings in my ears and how I long to hear it just one more time.

You have given me so much of memories Daddy, and I treasure all of them, from the sea baths, the jive lessons to how to hold a paint brush or drive a nail.

I miss our trips to the doctors, our conversations and how you used to hold my hand tight when needles used to so often pierce your frail arms. Everyone kept telling me to try and contain my grief at your loss as it was not good for baby… I tried but it was so hard because I missed you so so much. Now I let it flow like a river, even as I write this note to you …. My consolation is that you are with Our Lord and Mother Mary whom you loved and prayed to so much, free from the pain and medicines and that you are looking down from above, happy. I will always carry you in my heart and although you are not physically around, I promise that your grand daughter will be told all about you and what a simple, humble and wonderful man you were, my Daddy. There is one day that I will look forward to for the rest of my living years on this earth, and that is as Jesus has promised, when I will be able to meet you again on the other side and call you … Daddy

My world will never be the same without you …

With all my love,

By Your daughter, Shima

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