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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 40

Aney is it true? with nam

It was a shame…..When the guys left for the cricket thing in the Caribbean; the Maha Sangha was there to invoke their blessings. However while they were chanting pirith it is reported that most of the guys were doing their own thing and even chatting on their cellulars.

Some guys have all the luck
The two selecting guys who make the tours with the team is now on their way to the isles of sun and sand. It is reported that one is getting a sum of rupees seven hundred thousand while the other one is to get a whopping 1.3 million rupees just for that holiday.

The sour SMS
Some people query as to the SMS voting results changed at the last moment in the contest for the most popular kicking man and the kicking team.
The one who supposed to have this contest has kept away from the awards ceremony in protest.

So much the better
The past cricketers decided to keep the past and present officialdom away at their annual thing. There was only one official among the cricketing crowd. They say he too was there on a private capacity.

How come?
How was that neither of the so called Sports Ministers was not present at the departure of the Sri Lankan cricket team to the World Cup.?
It is also reported that even the President had taken time off his busy schedule in China to wish Mahela on the phone, but was it too early for the two ministers to move out of their beds so early morning?

Like father like son
The father belongs to the kicking sport, while the son works for a hello company. The hello company gave the kicking people a sponsorship and the father had spent a sum of one million rupees from that on a huge thamasha.

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