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Sunday, March 04, 2007
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Cheyenne Woods the US junior prodigy

Making waves as a junior in golf in the USA is Cheyenne Woods, a 16-year-old kid, identified as an absolute prodigy attracting attention from all over the States. From several angles her swing looks uncannily like Tiger, and she holds her pose through n characteristic Woods style.

Tiger Woods is quite impressed with his niece’s approach, style and determination to win. In a recent highly competitive championship she struck a stunning 67 to win the title and from the latter part of last year and through early this year, she has won 6 consecutive title events. The kid still sports her school uniform and tie.

Uncle Tiger has an open line of communication with her, and his constant advice is “Keep grinding away and practice followed by further practice and remember to keep loving what you are doing,” he happily tells her.

Tiger Woods is at the moment, hell bent on making his foundation/academy a success, providing golf for those who cannot afford the game. He personally handles the kids when he has the time, but his greater objective and bigger goal is to break down the barrier between the haves and have-nots. This is an area and example that must attract the attention of the Sri Lanka Golf Union in general, and the Royal Colombo Golf Club in particular. The Caddie class needs attention, encouragement and more time on the Ridgeways. No poverty stricken kid with all the talent, can afford Rs.1000/- for a lesson. The fore caddies and the juniors are crying for polish to their skills and this should be provided. Keep your elitist exclusiveness as a membership club, but it will not hurt if you spare time and a little attention to polish the talent you constantly see before you. Every country in the Eastern part of the world is diverting time, attention and funds to develop the talent of those financially less privileged. I trust these observations will not end like the water poured on a duck’s back.

Going back to Cheyenne Woods, most of the international golf magazines, particularly those published in the States, are loaded with views and comments on the rising star and one ex champ predicts that it will not surprise anybody to see her wearing the U.S. Crown, 2 years from now.

Karen Webb wins Aussie Open
Gorgeous Karen Webb, a stunningly good-looking girl carrying a magnificent torso, won the Australian Ladies’ Open in style, by 6 strokes beating a tremendously talented Taiwanese who gave Webb a few shocks through the first round.

A massive crowd followed the players on each of the days through the absolutely picturesque Royal Sydney Golf Club Course, which was jazzed up for the annual occasion.

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