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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 40
TV Times

Aping Culture of film celebrities

By P. Ranatunga of Colombo 6 writes....

I sometimes wonder whether there are any other tomfools like Sri Lankans and Indians in the world, when watching the so called Indian and Sri Lankan celluloid and tele film stars of today.

It in crystal clear they are shamelessly mimicing and imitating western ways of like by even going to the extent of greasing their skins and hair to show off themselves as if they too are Europeans and not Asians.

No wonder the Bollywod celebrity and our jollywood telefilm fraternity are turning out to be the laughing stock of Westerners by adopting such funny antics. For instance look at the Hindi films that are being dished out today? Do the film stars in them look like the Hindi film stars of the recent past.

Absolutely not, instead they look mere duplicates of western celebrity in skin tone, hair colour, dressware and lifestyle. To the credit of those Hindi film makers of today not only the film and telestars but even most of young men and women too have started down loading those funny fashions from the silver screen to their day to day lives in offices, shops and streets.

Few days back Bolywood celebrity and the Indians in general were up in arms over some racist remarks or comments mouthed out by another English celebrity against the Hindi film star Shilpa Shetty in a T.V.Show in England. Displeasure over the discriminating remarkls expressed in the live T.V, Show was even conveyed via high level Indian diplomatic level to the British counter parts and the organizers of the infamous T.V.Show.

It is an open secret that westerners such as British and Aussies treat Asians in rather demeaning ways in contrast to the cordial reception we Asians extend to them with a hearty smile whenever they visit our countries.

As such why do our film makers go begging to grease poor film stars to look like Holywood celebraties undermining their own identity and culture, and thereby make westerners to laugh at them.

No wander for westerners to think of themselves as super human beings, when Asians too go on mimicing and imitating them like another breed of human beings in apes clothes .

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