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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 40
TV Times

Give boost to ‘Sarisara’ VCDs and DVDs

By Kasi Silva of Colombo writes.......

I was captivated by the admirable telecast presentation of ‘Sarisara’ and ‘Mihisara’ programmes on Rupavahini. Perhaps from the early telecasts, prompting enthusiastically to address a letter to the Rupavahini Chairman requesting them to produce VCDs of their programmes and received a prompt response in a letter informing that the suggestion will be submitted to the proper authorities.

Subsequently during a visit to a Musical Shop, noticed a display of Sarisara VCDs, and now in my possession are four Sarisara VCDs, one DVD and another VCD on Waterfalls of Sri Lanka and they provide immense satisfaction and enjoyment watching for the much desired relaxation.

VCDs of ‘Sri Lanka the Golden Island’ and the other on ‘Cultural Heritage’ are also two excellent productions but for the fact when used on low priced Chinese appliances the reproduced image is flawed but in an expensive Japanese unit such a defect does not prevail.

Most persons are not aware of these productions and suggest that during the Sarisara Telecast and News Telecast, the two State owned TV channels should advertise the VCDs and the DVDs and the sales are bound to increase.

For a long time, now Sarisara VCDs have not been produced, perhaps as the sales for those already produced are low and that is due to want of advertisements on TV and in Newspapers. Numerous paid advertisements are telecast on Rupavahini, but their own productions are not advertised. They should be freely available in all music shops and even in Super-Markets and in other shops in most places.

The Tourists Board should promote these products on overseas tourists in all Hotels also have them for sale. Some may desire to purchase them to be taken to their countries for their own use and also to gift them to their friends and relations.
An English commentary as in the Waterfalls should be provided for the benefit of the Tourists.

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