What lies in store for you 2011

Compiled by Sunil Kodituwakku Arachchi


As the year 2011 begins, the dominant planet Kuja (Mars) together with Rahu in the ninth house, Kethu in the third, Saturn in the sixth, Mercury and Venus in the eighth and Guru in the 12th make their respective sojourns.

2011 is marked by mixed fortunes. In the first six months much has to be expended on elderly relatives and friends in relation to their health and general well-being. Religious matters too would necessitate spending. There will be an inclination to set out on pilgrimages.

Differences of opinion with father or paternal relatives are indicated. Stability gradually comes in May. Development likely in social status, acceptance and learning habits. Damage likely to one’s assets. Not so favourable for educational pursuits and incompatibility, unhappiness with spouse. Oral afflictions, stomach and urinary ailments likely.

Lucky days -Tuesday, Thursday.


The dominant planet Venus is set in the sixth house at the beginning of the year, Kethu in the sixth, Saturn in the fifth, Mercury in the seventh, Ravi, Kuja in the eighth house with Jupiter too in the eighth house. The planetary influences on Taurus reveal a decline in sources of income, phlegm-related illness, abdominal and urinal ailments.

If you are under the influences of Jupiter and Saturn, opportunities for earning money by legitimate methods are more freely available. Those who are engaged in more honourable occupations earn a considerable income. Not a suitable time to purchase land and buildings. After June the period is unfavourable for matrimonial matters.

Employment wise moderate success is shown. No new avenues for progress in the job from January to May. Rather unfortunate for those under the influence of Rahu and Kethu. This is a time for a wise lifestyle.

Lucky days - Wednesday, Friday.


As the year begins the Lagna Lord Mercury with Moon is in the sixth house, Saturn in the fourth, Venus in the fifth, Sun, Rahu, Mars in the seventh, Kethu in the 1st Jupiter (Guru) in the 10th house.

The planetary positioning indicates that from January to June your marriage will be beset by problems. Family problems might extend to the law courts. After June the situation will improve. You may inherit property from parents. Academic pursuits successful. After June young men and women will have opportunities of marriage.

Those who are in search of employment will find themselves on fertile ground. People in teaching, the medical and legal profession will enjoy good prospects. Health takes favourable turn though bad in the first six months due to catarrah, stomach and urinary problems. Spouse too recovers from illness in the first six months.

Lucky days - Wednesday, Friday.


Your New Year begins with the dominant planets of Cancer - namely Moon, Venus and Mercury in fifth house, Saturn in the third, Ravi, Mars and Rahu in the sixth, Kethu in the twelfth and Jupiter in the ninth house.

The planetary positions this year benefit you in many aspects. Good results can be had from education abroad or even a trip. Planetary positioning after June reveals obstacles to academic pursuits. Those eagerly anticipating the birth of children will not be disappointed. The unemployed can get jobs.

Income will increase. Possibility of acquiring knowledge in a variety of ways. Popularity and publicity gained not only by teachers, doctors and lawyers but also by those involved in classical pursuits. Although aches in feet, pain, ailments in limbs are likely, general health is good. While those under the influence of Mars of Jupiter get favourable results, others affected by Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu have moderate fortunes.

Lucky days - Monday, Thursday.


At the dawn of this year the dominant Ravi Mars and Rahu are in the fifth house, Kethu in 11, Saturn in the second, Mercury and Venus in the fourth and Jupiter is in the sixth house. The planetary set up indicates an unfortunate year. Disputes likely over ownership of property. While those under influences of Rahu, Mars and Mercury have modest fortunes, those affected by Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu are less fortunate.

Headstrong behavioral patterns of students result in failure at exams. Saturn’s “Erashtaka” (bad period) will remain till the end of next year. Since this year is unfortunate you should be discreet, patient and religious.

Lucky days - Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.


Virgo’s dominant planet Mercury with Venus in the third house, in Saturn, Ravi, Mars & Rahu in the fourth, Kethu in the tenth house and Jupiter in isolation in the seventh is the planetary arrangement as the year begins.

The terribly unfortunate Saturn in its “Erashtaka” dominates till November. Although Saturn is said to be a favourable planet for Virgos the deployment of Saturn results in considerable ill-effects. It causes mental fatigue.

Self-willed stubborn behaviour results in controversial situations; parents, children will quarrel. Heart ailments, knee pain likely. Problems at the workplace and between husband and wife. If Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Kethu are powerful, their effects could be reduced discreetly. If the moon is in 12, 1, 2 according to the horoscope, the Lagna effect jointly causes misfortune. Patient handling is essential. Religious living is helpful.

Lucky days - Wednesday, Friday.


Libra’s dominant partners Mercury and Venus in the 7th house, Ravi, Mars and Rahu in the third, Kethu in ninth and Jupiter is in the sixth house. Saturn in the 12th house has its marked ill-effects.

Although Saturn is a favourable planet to Libra when the malignant influence takes place the effect is harmful . Sickness – both physical and mental could occur.

Oral ailments, neck problems, abdominal complications and ailments related to the urinary tract are likely.

No progress in the workplace. Business ventures may be unprofitable. Even inherited properties may be lost after disputes between husband and wife. Children’s education interrupted. Since Libra folk are under the ill effects of Saturn’s influence, they are likely to be badly affected under the influence of Saturn or Rahu or Mars or if the Libra white planetary effect is in the 12th or 1st .

Lucky days - Wednesday, Friday.


Scorpio’s dominant partner Mars, Ravi and in the second house, Kethu in the eighth, Mercury and Venus in the first house, Jupiter in the fifth, Saturn in the eleventh house begin the year.

The planetary positioning of Scorpio results in mixed fortunes from January to May. Although there is instability wise handling could offset it. Income too could be well maintained.

Academic pursuits will be successful. Since hasty behaviour could cause trouble, patience should be exercised.

Dental problems, catarrh, stomach and hereditary ailments may appear. Those under Ravi, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn would have mixed fortunes, while those under Rahu and Kethu would be less fortunate.

Lucky days- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.


At the year’s beginning Jupiter independently in the fourth house, Ravi, Mars, and Rahu in the first, Kethu in the seventh, Saturn in tenth, Mercury and Venus are in the twelfth house from the planetary positioning. This year’s planetary influences are not favourable.

The Lagna Lord Jupiter’s influence enables you to purchase land or a house. Possibility of receiving money from mother.

No bad influences on the job. Promotions, improvements take place. Road accidents likely. Hereditary illness might surface.

Educational pursuits could be successful through patient endeavour. Marriage prospects good. Mixed fortunes for those under Moon, Venus, Ravi, Mars and Jupiter. Those under the influence of Rahu of Kethu would not be lucky.

Lucky days - Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.


Capricorn Lagna Lord in the ninth house, Jupiter in the third house, Ravi, Mars and Rahu in the twelfth, Kethu in the sixth, Mercury and Venus in the 11th house are in circulation.

Capricornians cannot expect much good in the first six months. Accidents might occur, trouble may suddenly surface; may have to undergo a surgical operation. Savings may be used up.

After June prospects are good. Social functions indicated. New sources of income are likely. Employment prospects good after June. Academic pursuits successful. Mars Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu influenced people will have economic benefits after June. This year is one of moderate success for Capricornians.

Lucky days - Wednesday, Friday.


The Lagna Lord of Aquarius Saturn is in the eighth house unfavourably, Jupiter in the second, Kethu in fifth, Ravi Mars and Rahu in the eleventh, and Mercury and Venus in the tenth house.

Since Saturn is in an unfavourable house, your academic, economic, employment, property or health could be affected. As failure might set in be discreet in your behaviour. There may be obstacles in the purchase of land. Those under Jupiter are alright till May.

Those under Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu could be subjected to the same unfavourable situations.

Lucky days - Thursday, Friday.


At the beginning of the year Lagna Lord Jupiter in the first house, Kethu in the fourth, Ravi, Mars and Rahu in the tenth, Saturn in the seventh, Mercury and Venus in the ninth house govern you. During the first six months good action and righteousness results in high regard from society. Problems at workplace can be wisely settled. Good results in academic pursuits, interviews etc.

Success at interviews and romances that please you would take place. A year of happy married life. After May, funds come from the job as well as from other sources. However sickness related to phlegm and heart attacks are likely.

Those under Ravi, Moon, Jupiter and Venus are fortunate. If you are under Rahu and Kethu a moderate year could expected.

Lucky days - Monday, Thursday.

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